Craig has designed and manufactured many products on behalf of third party companies, in various markets throughout the world. In the past 4 years Craig has developed a series of product lines that are ideally suited for sports licensing, including the NHL. Our market research indicates that there is very strong consumer demand for these products. In summary, MarkeThings Inc. is currently ready to introduce NEW PRODUCTS to the portfolios of Licensed entities creating a new source of revenue for these entities that is not only sustainable but offers huge growth potential.

  • New Products We are presenting original products only. We are primarily protected by our License and were possible by our Patents.
  • Unique Products – Developed and Patented
  • Unique Manufacturing procedure
  • Licensed Licenses protect us from copy-cats trying to enter our market

Accessories specifically designed for the Sports Licensing Industry; NFL, NCAA, NHL, FIFA, ETC… ProxCan management was created by Craig D. Clow who has been involved in the sports world for over 30 years, from competitor to promotions to event organization, from product P.O.P. to product improvements to product R+D.

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