Pre-sync audio / voice communications with your friends. Listen to your movie and chat with your friends. Dedicated channels will transmit film source audio dub-tracks to your head-sets. Bridged conference calls will allow you and your friends to hear the movie, chat and record your conversations if you want. Purchase your headphones at the theater and or bring your own. Listen to the movie through your head-set and forget about any ambient noise. “Movie-Goers, Turn On Your Phones”! Dim the lights and IT IS ON!!! Grab some popcorn, you can listen to the movie from the lobby. Create a profile, browse movie-goers by seating chart and send an invite to chat. Meet awesome new people and have fun.

What makes this app so unique

  • There is currently no mobile application and or webpage that can provide similar service(s). I’m sorry, not even close. This will be the most Awesome Application Ever. Unique because we will be the first and the Best. Giving back to those in need and praising JESUS! (Always). This is so easy for him, no one can even understand. Get on board!!! Currently Available in English.

Have you ever payed good money for a seat at the movie theater, only to have other loud movie-goers talk through your whole experience? No worries, TheaterBuds is coming to a theater near you!!!

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