Med-X innovates all-natural and alternative solutions to everyday problems. Currently, Med-X products provide effective nontoxic and 100% all-natural pest management products to cannabis cultivators. These same products are currently used widely in the pest control and hospitality arenas nationally.

The Marijuana Times, the media division of Med-X, publishes original content aimed at educating the cannabis community on the medicine, the science, and the world of the cannabis industry. With an all-star management team and experienced doctors at the helm, Med-X is blazing the trail of the green scene with products aimed at helping people to live better lives.

Inform the public through a digital magazine.

Through The Marijuana Times digital magazine, Med-X aims to educate and provide thoughtful and engaging articles and facts about and for the cannabis community.

Introduce all-natural products for cultivation

Med-X innovates, researches, and develops a variety of natural products that provide safe alternatives to consumers. One Med-X exclusively licensed product “Nature-Cide All-Purpose Insecticide” is ready to market to cannabis cultivators nationally.

Research and grow medicinal cannabis for testing
With patient care in mind first, Med-X’s cultivation lab conducts research and grows medicinal cannabis in various potencies for testing. We aim to ensure that cannabis grown for medical or recreational use is as safe as possible.

We innovate the everyday. The Med-X management team has built a cannabis company that focuses on ancillary products, research and development, and education.

Med-X is focusing on medical applications where real results are coming out of extensive research. Innovation begins with the doctors, scientists, and the experienced management team working together to bring products that impact people’s lives in positive ways.

As the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis continues to spread across the country, Med-X is prepared for the unprecedented, explosive growth of the industry by cultivating excellence across all three of its divisions.

The legalization of medical cannabis is taking over the United States. Oregon, Washington, and Colorado have seen massive tax gains from legalizing recreational use while California’s medical system continues to be a model for other states around the country. Soon, more than half of the states in the US will have some medical marijuana legislation.

Twenty-three states have made it legal, and it is pending in fourteen more.

As more states legalize medical and recreational cannabis, the demand for Med-X’s quality products is growing. Innovation is where Med-X excels, and Med-X consumer-ready products support the expansion of the industry.

State by state, new requirements for contaminant testing and product potency are affecting cultivators who handle pests and molds with harmful and toxic treatments of the past. As laws remove harmful and poisonous pesticides from the cultivation facilities and require nontoxic treatments, Nature-Cide is positioned to become an industry standard for organic pest control management.   

Until the industry receives federal recognition and official legislation, patients and cannabis users are exposed to products that have been cultivated using the ways of the past and by cultivators interested in quantity over quality. Until there is a federal regulatory body for medical cannabis, patients, and recreational users have no way to know where their product comes from or whether or not it was treated with toxic pest repellents. Patients using strains that have been treated with Med-X’s Nature-Cide green pest-control products will know their medicine is safe, even without a government stamp.


As the landscape of cannabis cultivation is changing, so is the landscape for equity crowdfunding. For the first time in history, everyone has the chance to own a piece of astart-up company and we want you to join us on our amazing journey.

The cannabis industry has tremendous potential and our products are ready for cultivators who are looking to meet growing demand. With the hospitality and commercial pest control venues using and recommending Nature-Cide nationally, Med-X has created a perfect jump-off point into cannabis cultivation. Management’s track record with product development coupled with multiple national distribution relationships presents the opportunity for success.

Now is a great time to consider reserving shares in Med-X as we are positioned to embrace and benefit from the booming cannabis industry.

Ballots are heating up with cannabis laws, new businesses are sprouting up to provide products and supplies, and we believe we have the tools to capitalize on the massive growth of the cannabis industry. Make history with us and indicate your interest in Med-X as we take this industry by storm.

Thanks to the rapid growth of the cannabis industry, new trends have developed to better support this growth. 

Multi-state licensing is crucial to national cannabis brands finding lasting success. States are beginning to require product potency and contaminant testing to ensure consumer safety, and new laboratories are emerging to meet these needs. 

The landscape of cultivation is changing as licensed facilities grow in size and numbers to meet the booming medical and recreational demand for cannabis.


Cannabis cultivation materials, supplies, and medical research are deemed to grow into billion dollar industries on their own in a matter of years. 

Our media magazine, The Marijuana Times, will draw advertisers and partners to this space in a market where many outlets block the promotion of cannabis related ads. 

Our research and development of medical grade strains and potencies will play a long-term role in the business model and eventually distribute cannabis to the medical community. 

Med-X is poised to dominate the market with one of the only tested and proven green alternative to pest control that will meet the new State licensing standards. Cultivation centers and growers will need a non-toxic solution, and that solution is Nature-Cide. 

The industry is expanding. We have the right products, the right timing, and the right team in place to maximize our impact. We are first in the cannabis sector to bring this opportunity to the people. 

Disrupting an industry, educating the public, and providing safe, effective patient care is our mission. We are working to make the world a better place through each and every division of our company. And that is why we are going to be a smart investment. 

We are scientists, doctors, and passionate business professionals who want to help the world and provide cleaner, safer, and more effective ways to reap the many benefits of medical cannabis.
Med-X, Inc. is already working on various stages of automation that will change the cannabis market forever and you can be a part of it today.




By innovating all-natural products, Med-X will provide safe and healthy cultivation practices and education to the emerging $3 billion cannabis industry. Embrace the future of Med-X by reserving shares today. #InnovateTheEveryday

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