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Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

It is NOT another ERP, CRM, BI or HR tool with a load of heavy, costly and long migration of data, but is a simple DASHBOARD OVERVIEW given you a quick access where you can easily retrieve, search, share, approve, modify and manage the necessary ‘I need this now’ business documents and data.


Management has historically been viewed to capture unstructured information – whether digitally born or paper-based using document scanners and multifunctional peripherals – to store, retrieve, and manage business content. Content flows from creators to collaborators, to reviewers and editors, to approvers and publishers, with an end goal of being securely delivered to its readers and consumers inside or outside the organisational borders.

However, during that process, many problems might occur. A short overview:


Security threats can disrupt the operation of any device, and transmit or modify user data. For these reasons, the applications deployed there must guarantee privacy and integrity of the information they handle. Moreover, many companies are under attack of non-hostile hackers, stealing or deleting your company data.


Whether housed in file shares, CRM and ERP systems, or even SharePoint, content that is inaccessible, hampers the organization from engaging, sharing, and using content internally and externally.
Flexible and secure collaborative workplaces extending beyond the walls of the organization in support of a mobile workforce and enhanced customer experience are now a requirement. Mobile workers, partners, and suppliers must have a unified ability to capture, manage, and access vital business content. They must be enabled to interact with that content, and each other, regardless of time and location.

Variety of available standalone solutions

While the concept of centrally stored content is sound, there are typically many content repositories across a company, with different features and capabilities. Some repositories may be strong in collaboration, version control, and workflows. Others may provide automated ingestion, high compression, and long term archive capabilities. Some only do file sharing. Many of these content stores are typically siloed and disconnected from each other and from the line-of-business applications in use by the departments. The result, is content trapped, inaccessible to many, and serviced differently.

Solution offers a Paperless ESM (Enterprise Stakeholders Management) solution, which combines the features and basic functionalities of ERP systems with HR applications and CRM systems, thereby decreasing the risk of redundancy of data and problems with integrating different systems.

All Information such as documents, letters, emails, pictures, business cards, contracts and invoices for a company’s stakeholders are stored in the cloud. A company has several stakeholders, which can be categorised in Employees, Suppliers, Customers, Shareholders and Government. For each of these stakeholders a number of features are available.
Standard interfaces are available from our system to Banks, Accounting applications and HR Services companies.

Paperless-Office offers accessibility of the available information to the stakeholders by a few mouse clicks on its desktop and laptop or swipes on its tablet and mobile phone.
The dashboards provide quick overviews of e.g. personal information to employees or operational information to managers, and offers click-through access to supporting data.

Thanks to a unique interface one can access the application on any device in the same way with the same user experience. The solution is running on Microsoft Azure which guarantees scalability, security, availability and protection of data. More than 57 percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on Azure. At this moment, Paperless Office offers the following packages to their customers:

  • Expense notes
  • Time & Contract management
  • Supplier management
  • Employee skills management

Main partners

Microsoft is a strategic partner to Paperless Office in the following ways:

  • Paperless Office joined the Microsoft BizSpark program: Start-up companies who are members of Microsoft BizSpark can access and download a wide range of Microsoft software during the three years they are in the program, such as free development environments and free usage of the Azure cloud environment.
  • The development of the front end was done with the support of the Brussels Branch of MIC (Microsoft Innovation Centre), a non-profit organisation located in Brussels and a private-public partnership between the Brussels Region and private partners like Microsoft whose goal is to sustain the development of the IT sector in the Brussels region with a specific focus on SaaS and Clouds technologies: As part of its objective of 50 jobs creation supported a year, Paperless Office has benefited from trainees who joined BTR after their internship through the MIC program. An additional advantage is that developments are based on the latest standards resulting in a state of the art solution.
  • Last part of the cooperation with Microsoft is their App market place: The Paperless Office application will be included as a free download on the app centre, making it available on the 1.6 billon devices running Windows 10.


Revenue strategy

There are 3 types of customers:
1. the base customers that have less than 25 users
2. the customers that have between 25 and 50 users
3. the large accounts that have more than 50 users

It is expected that most of the base customers will sign in directly through the internet.

Customers can sign in for 4 modules:
• the expenses notes module
• the time sheets module
• the contract management module
• employee skills management

Prices are set in relation to the number of users per account and to the number of modules

Marketing strategy

A marketing study is performed focusing on:
• further development of the website
• search engine optimisation
• social media approach
• publicity on a variety of channels (both indirect as direct)

Distribution strategy

Paperless Office intends to use a different sales approach by segment.
To Belgian large organizations a direct sales approach is applied. Medium sized companies (25 100 persons) will be addressed by mailings with follow up calls. Small companies will be covered through Google AdWords, the website and the Microsoft Apps site.

A Channel Manager will be in charge to find foreign partners and resellers to cover international direct sales.

Internationalization strategy

The Company has started selling in its home market, Belgium. The model expects sales to start in The Netherlands after the first half year 2016 and in France by the end of the first year. In the second year 2017, the German market will be addressed.


Summary: is a simple, lean, mobile & cloud based solution to enhance and simplify the flow of business paper documents such as business cards, expense notes, timesheets, contracts customers & suppliers, contacts, invoices in & out, cash management, tasks, whereabouts of personnel,…

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