Simurgh - A wonderful, 60-minute, dragon breeding board game

Simurgh is a unique strategy game set in a vibrant fantasy world where humans, mythical beasts and ancient magic coexist.

In Simurgh players build the might and wealth of powerful noble houses by exploring and exploiting new lands, recruiting new followers and breeding the titular dragons to make use of their special abilities.

Simurgh: Call of the Dragonlord is a premium expansion telling the next chapter of the history of the White City. Adding new tiles, a new board and the Wizard – a new Vassal that brings his powerful magic into the epic struggle of White City’s factions.

You can see below the concept art for the Simurgh: Call of the Dragonlord, the upcoming premium expansion forSimurgh

You can download the rules in English HERE.

Rahdo was kind enough to share his thoughts about Simurgh in this short video.

We are seeking funding on Kickstarter because without you this beautiful game may never become widely available.

At Spiel ’15 Essen we sold out a limited print run of 350 copies and this convinced us that Simurgh is worth investing into. We have actually gone beyond printing Simurgh. It’s first expansion, Call of the Dragonlord is fully designedand we’re now investing in the artwork. This is why we’re looking for YOUR support!

Simurgh is a very ambitious project, with amazing illustrations and laser-cut plexiglass miniatures, and thus it is quite expensive to produce. In our quest to keep the retail price acceptable, Kickstarter is the natural answer.

This not our first rodeo. Simurgh will be our 4th Kickstarter adventure and our track record shows that we deliver on time, every time!


We give you here just a glimps on the art in Simurgh. Every single piece – be it the box, the game board, each tile and every token – has been carefully design and drawn by talented and dedicated artists:

  • Cover and game board design: Odyseass Stamoglou, known for the art of Among the Stars and Exodus: Edge of Extinction.
  • Dragon tiles (examples below), tokens and resources are the work of Engarr Adirasa, who has also created the art for Mistfall.

This is not the only game we’re working on. Stay in touch with us and be the first to find out about the conventions we’re attending and the new games we’re releasing! And of course, feel free to ask any questions you may have. We cannot wait to hear from you!


Simurgh is a unique strategy game set in a vibrant fantasy world where humans, mythical beasts and ancient magic coexist.

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