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Investor proposal

When you invest in you will not only invest in a very lucrative idea, you will also become a shareholder in, which will slowly grow into a profitable lottery itself thanks to this concept.
The return in actual dividend payouts will be 9,3% after three years. When funds from the capital reserve get released these numbers will drastically increase given the fact that those funds cover 20% of our total turnover, which will be more than 10 million euro if we manage to reach our targets. On top of that the value of each share will increase significantly.


The problem this product solves

The commercial space flight industry is very young, and has only been focused on the wealthiest of people. This is of course due to the enormous investments that the pioneers of the commercial space flight industry need to make. The result is expensive tickets and a limited market size. Time for change.

How the product solves it will close this gap and make it possible for everyone to fulfill their dream of space flight (or at least have a shot at it). Bringing down the ticket prices will change the size of the market drastically. Imagine the number of people willing to go to space if a ticket is the same price as a train ticket, let’s say 15 euro.
We believe lotteries will be an accepted, and perhaps even necessary, method of financing big commercial space projects in the future.


Product features

A ticket for will be only 15 euro and will give you a chance of 1 in 20.000 to win the life-changing experience of a space-flight.
We’ve already discussed our plans with XCOR Space Expeditions. They will allow us to raffle their tickets because it will support their mission, and because of the transparency and fairness of the concept. There will always be a draw, even when the target of 20.000 tickets is not reached within six months. In that case the money reserved for the space ticket will turn into the jackpot. The admin fee will be lost.

Product use cases

People can sign up and buy tickets via the website very easily. If you ever dreamed of going to space you should join this waiting list, don’t miss this opportunity!
Visit the website of XCOR Space Expeditions for more information about the flight. They expect to start sending people into space at the end of the year. Our winners will need to wait a bit, but we’ll give them a space suit to remember!
“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.” – Elon Musk (Tesla and Space X)


Target Market

Roughly 50% of the world population would like to visit space one day, so it is a market with enormous potential. Unfortunately American players cannot participate due to very strict regulations, but the world is big enough to do it without them. More than 200.000 people signed up for a one-way trip to Mars in 2024 with Mars One! That’s why we’ll start by targeting online space news sites, communities and forums.
We expect to send more than 30 people into space by the end of 2018.

Competitive landscape

Up to this point a ticket into space was only reserved for the happy few. Space-lottery makes it possible for everyone around the world to get what they always dreamed of: a chance to go into space. There is no competition at the moment.

Unique differentiator from competitors

We offer people a chance to go into space for the price of a train ticket (15 euro). If people want to buy a ticket they need to pay $150.000 (XCOR Space Expeditions) or $250.000 (Virgin Galactic).
“Space travel for everyone is the next frontier in the human experience.” – Buzz Aldrin (Second person on the moon)

Business Model

Company revenue streams

Every ticket will be 15 euro. 10,50 euro will be reserved for the actual ticket into space and a risk premium to cover potential taxes in case governments interfere. This means we’ll earn 4,50 euro per ticket sold which can be used to cover our marketing and other expenses.

Product/service distribution

The goal of the marketing plan is not to get people excited about the possibility of space travel, roughly 50% of mankind already is. The goal is to let people know that from now on anyone on the planet can become an astronaut!
Due to the nature of the product traditional marketing channels are harder to use. However, by targeting online space communities, and using word-of-mouth marketing plus affiliate marketing, we will be able to reach a global audience.


Next key objectives

The key objective is to launch the website and to successfully raffle at least 1 ticket into space within 6 months.

Previous Financing

This is a project by, which has been privately funded in its first stage. We’ve completed the second stage thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign on FBM last year.
The plan has always been like a three-stage rocket: product development, proof of concept, and global expansion. Right now the concept itself is proven: we have players from all over the world, winners from 8 countries, and we show slow but autonomous growth. Time for the final stage!

Industry Recognition

Industry Certification/Awards

We are based in Malta, and are licensed to operate digital lotteries.

Use of Funds

The basic back-end system is already in place. That’s why we only need to get a developer and a (affiliate) marketer on board. Both will be hired as full-time freelancers in order to minimize risks. After that it is all about marketing and optimization. There’s already someone standing by to become our lead-developer for this project.

A new era in commercial space flight is finally here. will give you a chance of 1 in 20.000 to win the life-changing experience of a space-flight for just 15 euro. Together we’ll send more than 30 future astronauts into space before the end of 2018, and change the future of commercial space flight forever. From now on everyone can be an astronaut!
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Jasper Versteege

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