Education is going digital but schools don’t have a platform to store, disseminate, and measure the usefulness of all their digital content – until now. Fulcrum enables schools – for the first time – to manage and measure the efficacy of classroom content, to share and collaborate across districts with free and paid content, to identify thought-leaders, and to build content teams around the world. Fulcrum is the largest collection of free teaching titles and by mid-2016 will have the largest audience of any education platform.

Andover Fulcrum is an education knowledge management web platform. Fulcrum enables schools and districts to:

  • Store digital content in one place that’s easily searchable and accessible. Fulcrum can replace Google Docs, Equella, and all other content storage solutions.
  • Identify thought leaders, create mentor relationships, build and share great classroom content
  • Find and improve content deficiencies in real time
  • Create a collaborative community across the school and district to share and improve content
  • Administrative transparency about the content that’s being used, discussed and developed at the classroom level
  • Thousands of free titles for K12 and drives improvement across the school
  • Coordinate and understand special programs and allows teachers using new technology to identify best practices within their school and district and across the country
  • Admins and teachers can work directly with Fulcrum – no classroom internet required – but Fulcrum is also integrated into popular LMSs such as Edmodo and Canvas.

Fulcrum enables schools – for the first time – to manage and measure the efficacy of classroom content. Schools and teachers can find, share, and collaborate on content by natural language and standards-based tags (such as Common Core and Next Generation Science), and schools can see what’s being used in the classroom. Principals and district administrators can now understand what’s happening in the classroom in real time, including the worksheets, projects, quizzes, videos, and everything else that’s being used. Fulcrum also enables principals and district administrators to effortlessly identify instructional leaders and quickly disseminate best practices across the school and district. And by mid-2016, publishers will have access to a 150-million student audience via Fulcrum.

Fulcrum enables districts to turn easy visual search …fulcrum-visual-search-uufjvdnivg.png

… into powerful analytics.fulcrum-analytics-rbc2emm92l.pngFulcrum enables stakeholders to quickly understand what’s working and what’s not.

Fulcrum was beta launched in July 2014 and v1.0 launched in June 2015. Fulcrum is currently integrated into Edmodo and Canvas, with a total audience of about 65mm. Two new features, Market and Requests, will be launched January 2016. Market enables any publisher (large firm to independent teacher) to publish and sell content on Fulcrum. It will be a key revenue driver in 2016-17. Requests enables teachers to make requests of other users and of their district for teaching materials. Market and Requests will complete the roll-out of the initial vision of Fulcrum. We have additional integrations in progress and scheduled to be completed in early 2016 that will deliver a total Fulcrum audience size of about 150mm. Since launch, Fulcrum has continued to gain traction through new user registration.

fulcrum-growth-mb1izdkec8.pngAnd through our partners, Fulcrum has started to attract a global audience.fulcrum-users-2krfmid75y.pngFulcrum is currently the largest LMS-enabled free teacher resource — and we’ve only just started.

Fulcrum is better and faster than other storage solutions – tag, track, and measure the usefulness of all content across a district, see usage based on subject, standard, or other education metrics, and easily push content to LMSs. Easy to use yet data-rich, Fulcrum has the user experience that teachers want and the data that districts need, all of which can be leveraged by publishers.


Fulcrum enables schools – for the first time – to manage and measure the efficacy of classroom content and find, share, and collaborate on content by natural language and standard.
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