The pad detects the pressure of your fingertips, enabling fine control and subtle manipulation of sound.


We designed Kurv to fit the shape of your hand and reach of your fingers. Your fingers can comfortably touch eight distinct places on your palm. There are eight notes in an octave, eight notes in a scale and eight chords in a Key.


Captures your movement to control sound. Enabling you to transition from one sound to another, moving seamlessly up and down a virtual fret board.


It senses the strumming or plucking movements just like a normal guitar. Reacting to your tempo fast and slow.

Learning the guitar is not easy and takes years of practise to master. As a result many people give up. We believe the joy of playing the guitar should be available to everyone. So we’ve removed some of the barriers to get you rocking in minutes.

BUSINESS INSIDER “This musical device could turn air guitar players into rock stars”

REUTERS “Stringless guitar lets you make music from thin air”

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  • DOWNLOAD Install the app on your iPhone or iPad
  • CONNECT Via Bluetooth
  • PLAY  Sound is generated and output through your device, allowing you to plug in any compatible speakers, headphones or amplifier to your stereo jack.

60 Hit Songs

Kurv Guitar app comes with 60 hit songs for you to play right away. Within minutes, you could be jamming rock classics like Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’ or strumming Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off’.

Intelligent Tutorials

Our intelligent tutorials are intuitive and make learning effortless. The app will guide you through the finger positions using animated notations. It’s like having your own personal tutor that tracks your progression and gives you instant feedback.


Already a musician? Don’t let inspiration slip away. Kurv fits in your pocket so you can compose on the go and create your own songs.

The app comes with three guitars; electric, acoustic and bass giving you access to a full palette of chords, the chromatic scale, and links to recording software.

Kurv responds to a wide variety of programmable gestures. This is achieved by using machine-learning: ‘show’ the Kurv examples of a particular movement (e.g. flick of wrist down), and then associate this with a desired output (e.g. change from a single chord to note). After showing the Kurv many examples of such gestures, the system learns to recognise this as a distinct gesture.

Here are a few examples of what’s possible:

Downward flick of the wrist will change from chords to single notes
Downward flick of the wrist will change from chords to single notes
A sideways slide will shift the octave
A sideways slide will shift the octave
Shaking the Kurv will give you controllable vibrato
Shaking the Kurv will give you controllable vibrato


Control your favourite software instruments with MIDI / OSC. Kurv seamlessly integrates with your favourite Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) giving you new way to express yourself through motion, gesture and touch. Your body as a controller combined with the dexterity of your fingers allows for real-time shaping of sound in 3D space. DJs, dancers, choreographers…this is the controller you have been waiting for! Control Package includes two Kurvs, one for your left hand and one for your right.

 miniatura de video del proyecto

 There are hundreds of instruments in the world and we want you to help us bring these to life.

Unleash the power of motion gesture (9-axis motion) and touch-3D (pressure sensitive) to control the “Internet of Things” and more with our SDK. Make Kurv your own by joining our developer community. Channel your creativity and transform how people play music, perform, present, control and interact in VR.

Our Developer Portal will have everything you need, to get you started. Features of our SDK will include:

– Gesture Programming: Access our gesture engine which uses machine learning techniques.

– Customise samples: Supported files .wav, .aif, .mp3, .aac or any iOS audio file format.

– iOS pro audio ecosystem: Inter-app communication developer drivers to connect up to other apps using AudioBus and Jack for iOS.

Beta Tester

We want to take you on our journey. You’ll be first to receive your Kurv and become involved in helping developing our product and experience. Together lets redefine musical expression.

The Kurv app used in our demonstrations is running on iOS. Our app will be released on the App Store at the time of delivery and will be compatible with the following devices running iOS 8 or later:

  • iPhone 4 and above
  • iPad 2 and above 
  • iPod Touch 5th Gen and above 

Although we have conducted months of software beta testing, we may still need your assistance in reporting any bugs or issues with our software.

We’ve packed the latest most powerful sensors inside Kurv to ensure it delivers instant feedback similar to what you’d expect from a traditional musical instrument.

  • High resolution Bluetooth 4.0 (50 frames per second)
  • Discrete low-latency sensors (20ms) 9 axis: gyroscopes, accelerometers, compasses
  • 3D pressure sensitive touch Pads

Our team has extensively studied the ergonomics of the human hand. We have engineered the Kurv sizes and shapes to fit like a glove so you feel great when playing.

Kurv comes in 3 sizes S, M, L to help you get the perfect fit.

Once the campaign is complete we will send you a measuring guide and a print-out so you can choose which size will suit you best.


We will be shipping to most countries in the world barring the following countries due to logistical issues: Belarus, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Myanmar/Burma, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. For seamless delivery in Europe we will be dispatching from the UK and for US customers with a local distribution partner.


First come first served. The sooner you back us, the faster your Kurv will arrive. We plan to start shipping: 

  • 2016 May: Beta Tester
  • 2016 Aug: Developer Editions
  • 2016 Oct: Early birds
Please note that all our ship dates are estimated and may vary. We will keep you updated if any changes.


Kurv will be available for pre-order up till January 2016 through Kickstarter. After that you will have to wait till Kurv is commercially available.

You will get an email with weekly project updates and you’ll be in the know about production status, inside news, and more.

After the project ends we will send you an official backer survey to collect your shipping information. We’ll also ask for your color selections (if we reach our stretch goal), size and left or right handed preference.

Until then, help us spread the word about our campaign when you can, and know that you’ve got an awesome piece of music technology coming your way.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible.







Who We Are

We are a passionate team of musicians, computer scientists, product designers and music industry executives. We’ve come together with a shared vision to developing new interfaces for musical expression.

The Idea

In 2013, co-founder Suran was working with gesture recognition technologies. He became particularly interested in sensors used for body measurement. Reflecting on this research, and his very short-lived guitar career, the idea for Kurv Guitar was born.

Our Mission

To introduce the world to a whole new generation of virtual instruments and control surfaces, starting with the Kurv

 Mick Grierson

Mick is a Reader at Goldsmiths, University of London where he specialises in real-time interactive audiovisual research. He is also a founder member of the Goldsmiths Digital Studios Embodied Audiovisual Interaction Group (EAVI). Mick is also part of a EU-funded project called Rapid Mix that is conducting research into the design and evaluation of wearable human-computer interfaces in creative fields such as computer games and music. He is also the research lead on SoundLab, a project testing out which digital music devices and apps can help people with learning disabilities make the music they want to make.

Suran Goonatilake

Suran has a background in artificial intelligence and machine learning. He has co-founded several start-ups based on research conducted at University College London. At the age of 10, he convinced his parents to buy him a guitar and pay for guitar lessons, but he couldn’t master barre chords (found them way too difficult) and after a couple of months gave up learning guitar forever.

John Kennedy

John was the former President and COO of Universal Music International and the Chairman and CEO of IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry), an organisation representing the recording industry worldwide. He has been involved in Live Aid since its inception and in 2005 he produced, with Bob Geldof and Harvey Goldsmith, the ten Live 8 concerts. During his tenure at Universal, he led the investment in Mamma Mia!, was made Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French government and was awarded an OBE for his work for Live Aid.

Tania Fauvel

Tania is the driving force behind the look and feel of the Kurv and provides creative direction for the company. She holds a Bachelor of Design from the University of the Arts London, and has over 10 years of experience in running a luxury-retail body-mapping business in Selfridges, Harrods and Bloomingdales.

Chris Kiefer

Chris is a computer-musician and researcher at the University of Sussex. His research focuses on the design of new digital musical instruments using novel sensing and AI.

Alex Fauvel

Alex is a mechanical engineer with experience in precision engineering in the automotive sector. He has worked in structural design, modeling, engineering, and delivery of complex components for Bugatti, Bentley and Land Rover.

Will Campbell

Will is a musician with a background in recording, performance, management and booking. He started playing the guitar when he was 9, but gave up because the strings on his old acoustic left him with blisters and cuts. He decided to pick up the guitar again at 14, when he listened to an Iron Maiden!

Jack Fuller

Jack is an aspiring musician with a strong interest in all things production. As well as his burgeoning love of controllers and synthesizers, he has played harmonica, guitar and bass for over 10 years. In 2010, he was junior National Harmonica champion!

We’ve come a long way since the initial idea for Kurv was born back in the summer of 2013. Our initial prototypes were developed in collaboration with computer scientists at Goldsmiths University of London, followed by countless iterations over the past 2 years to refine and get Kurv ready for launch. We now have a working prototypes, the latest version which you can see demoed in our videos.

 miniatura de video del proyecto

 miniatura de video del proyecto

We have assembled some of London’s finest engineers to turn the prototype into a shippable product. We have successfully completed our first EVT (engineering validation testing) build. This involved manufacturing, assembling and testing the functionality of all the sensors. Your support will help us through the DFM (design for manufacture), DVT (design verification testing), PVT (production verification testing), and regulatory compliance testing.

The Kickstarter community is fast establishing a reputation for backing innovative approaches to music technology. Through it we hope to reach forward-thinking, passionate early adopters who can provide us with invaluable feedback to make our product great.

We need your support to finish development and begin manufacturing the Kurv. Currently we are in the process of getting ready for production. You’ll pledge will help us secure parts and tooling, to finalise the enclosure, improve our gesture recognition engine and putting the final touches to our tutorial system.

We designed Kurv to fit the shape of your hand and reach of your fingers. Your fingers can comfortably touch eight distinct places on your palm. There are eight notes in an octave, eight notes in a scale and eight chords in a Key.
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