The World’s Smallest 4K Camera – Mokacam


Risks and challenges

While we’re doing a lot of the work ourselves, obviously we have to rely on others (manufacture, shipping) to provide their end. We’re confident that these parts will be no problem, as we’re talking to established companies here. We will also go to China ourselves to oversee production, and Shuo has worked with the factory we wish to use before, so communication between us and the factory will not be an issue. But talking to other people who have run Indiegogo, there is always something that comes up, be it customs, shipping, the manufacturing not being up to scratch or any other of the many things that can delay the process. We will do our best, and hope to deliver on time, and whatever happens we will keep you updated every step along the way.


We will definitely deliver a great product, and hope to do so on time!


Thanks from the whole team :)

Source: icnw