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Hello! My name is Christopher and I want to share the story of MyBarber.  Would you agree that getting a haircut is not as simple as it sounds? First you have to pick the right time for you – and you might need half a day if you’re taking the family. Then you arrive and have to wait for up to an hour for a chair, with no guarantee that you’ll even see your favorite barber! That was my experience anyway – and it got worse when I interned in a new city. There was just no way to tell how good my haircut was going to be – or how long the whole process would take. That was so frustrating! I started MyBarber to find great barbers and coordinate schedules to ensure short wait times. The platform will allow anyone to find a great barber, book an appointment, get a haircut, pay and review the experience with ease – all from a mobile device.


At its core, MyBarber is a mobile platform that matches busy professionals who value their time, with experienced barbers who value their craft. Whenever a user needs a haircut, MyBarber works to find an available barber and an available spot for the service. The best option might be a participating barbershop with one of our pre-approved barbers, or it might be to connect with one of our mobile barbers. It depends on what works for the user and the barber at any given time. By focusing on this connection, we eliminate empty barbershop chairs, while helping users skip the waiting room. In the end, barbers and customers who use our platform gain better control of their schedules!


In our tech savvy culture, we as consumers want high quality service that’s easy to access and fits perfectly with our schedules. Today, we’re able to access, review and purchase all kinds of services directly from our smartphones. But when we arrive at the barber shop, our phones only keep us company… as we watch and wait our turn. Talk about dark ages. The typical barber shop is behind the times – and just doesn’t meet the needs of millennials. It’s time to change that – using MyBarber’s advanced matching and scheduling technology. To make MyBarber a reality however, we need to launch our App – and for that, we need the support of like-minded consumers.


The goal of our campaign is to reach consumers who feel the pain of poor scheduling and long wait times, sub-standard haircuts – from people other than your favorite barber, and limited payment options – such as carrying large amounts of cash or handing your credit card over to strangers. MyBarber aims to secure high quality haircuts wherever and whenever is convenient for you. The whole point is for all of us to share great barbers that take good care of our hair. And in return, we help them achieve great work-life balance from more predictable schedules and a steady stream of quality customers.


If all of that sounds good to you, then support our campaign today. The funding will help us pay development and launch expenses. Plus, we’ve made many perks very affordable, so if you don’t have much now, you can still vote for our service by making an affordable purchase. Check out all the rewards before deciding – and know that whatever you choose, we’ll keep you posted on our progress. You can also help by sharing our campaign on social media or connecting with us on our website. The more people we can get using MyBarber, the more functional and successful the app will be – and that means more options available to you in the future.

We also encourage you to ask us questions, make comments or requests, donate and get more involved. We’re developing MyBarber for our mutual benefit, so use this opportunity to improve the final version!

We believe we’ve found a better way to manage haircuts, but if you’re not sure, ask yourself this:

  • Do you hate sitting in line waiting for a haircut?

  • Would you prefer to use an App instead of calling to make appointments?

  • Would you like to choose who gets to cut your hair… and when?

If you believe we’re building the right service, take a quick look at our perks, like this T-shirt…


… and choose one that’s right for you. We’d really appreciate it! You can also keep reading to learn more…



There are over 700,000 haircuts given every day across the U.S. Within a 2 month span, 90% of people get a haircut at least once, but the process remains complex and exhausting. Most people try to plan their visit, but have no idea when others are crowding the waiting rooms. Believe it or not, there are times when the barber shop is completely empty – but the barbers need to stick around just in case someone walks in. The situation can be extremely frustrating for everyone involved.

Think about what happens when you finally get seated? There’s usually a selection sheet or poster with pictures of haircuts you can choose from. Great! Let’s waste more time trying to describe how our haircut is slightly different – or just give up and get something generic. If you’re lucky you get the same barber from last time – and your favorite style is easy to remember. Now, what are the odds that all that comes together?

We have similar problems and want to solve them for us and for you. Ideally, our App will help you:

  • Learn about local barbers from pictures and reviews

  • Find the best available barber and get onto their schedule

  • Set and manage appointments based on your own needs

  • Easily communicate which haircut you want and know the costs

  • Pay with your phone, keeping credit cards and cash out of sight


About our Project

People familiar with our vision call us Uber for Haircuts. Perhaps it’s because we focus on the consumer’s ability to request and arrange a haircut – in effect bringing the barbershop to them. We also have a tight integration with our barbers, so that they have to meet a certain standard of talent and customer care. There are thousands of barbers and barber shops out there, and we want only the best to work with our users. We’re doing the legwork for you – finding the best barbers, reviewing their talent, understanding their schedules and getting them unto our platform.

In these early days, there are competing services with similar apps and claims of service. We can’t speak for them, but know that we aim to be the best for busy professionals and talented barbers. We’re honestly not focused on simply listing barbers and showing general consumer ratings. You shouldn’t have to sift through a thousand listings or decide if a given review is real or paid for. Other apps and search engines can do that.

We call it MyBarber for a reason. You should be able to select one (or a few) favorite barbers to bring your business to. In return, they commit to rewarding you with professional, high quality service. In effect, you’re sharing your personal barber with a bunch of others on our platform. Together, we’re coordinating schedules to keep us out of crowded waiting rooms, while making sure we catch those empty seats. That’s what our project aims to achieve – and you hold the key. You are the keymaker, our only hope… so to speak!



About the Founders

At MyBarber, we believe that our strengths and passions can be used to enhance the lives of our users. If you love programming, we can help you limit the time you spend getting a haircut. If hanging out in barbershops is your thing, then we can help you do more with an App than you might imagine. If you’re into the art of cutting hair, then we can bring you a steady stream of customers, allowing you to focus on improving your craft. That’s how it is with our founding team. We use our experience and expertise in ways that help our users – finding great barbers, adding useful features, and generally improving everything about MyBarber for your benefit.

Christopher “Mr. Business” Fevry is the CEO and Co-Founder of MyBarber. He brings experience from the barbering industry – through market research, industry connections, and barber interviews. Chris excels in communication and presentation skills, and has a habit of exceeding expectations. While interning at Google he negotiated prices with vendors, saving Google 11% on a multimillion dollar budget.

Clynton “Mr. Engineer” Caines is our CTO and Co-Founder. He brings with him over two decades of full stack development experience. Clynton has run his own contracting company, where he taught himself sales to compete for and win federal government contracts. He has launched multiple mobile Apps and built enterprise software in the financial tech, search engine, and government security industries.

Join The Team

To bring MyBarber to life, we need your help!

I started MyBarber to find great barbers and coordinate schedules to ensure short wait times. The platform will allow anyone to find a great barber, book an appointment, get a haircut, pay and review the experience with ease – all from a mobile device.

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