The publishing industry is undergoing a massive sea change caused by readers – and ad dollars – migrating from print to digital media.

Most publishers are in a very difficult position because they haven’t been able to solve two fundamental business problems:

  1. Digital Edition Readership. Readers are not spending much time with the hard to read print replica software most publishers are using. Readers spend a lot of time consuming digital content (especially on their phones) except when they must zoom, pinch and squint in order to see it.
  2. Digital Edition Monetization. Most digital editions are so poorly read that publishers resort to giving the ads away for free to their print edition advertisers. If the future is digital (it is), then publishers must find a way to monetize it. Not doing so means death.

Of Eleven Media has spent the last three years building a suite of software that solves these two jugular issues. They are:


MagTitan ( solves the readability issue. Content using MagTitan is animated, interactive and dynamically adjusts content on the fly to be easily read on every single digital device, no zoom necessary. MagTitan doesn’t even have a zoom button.

To appreciate how state-of-the-art MagTitan is watch this “before and after” video of how it transformed a magazine from USA TODAY —

Ad Einstein ( solves publisher’s digital monetization problem. Advertisers get the most compelling value proposition in adverising history, while publishers get to make money digitally, every time an ad gets read.

To understand Ad Einstein a bit deeper, here are two short videos:

Of Eleven Media generates revenues from three primary streams of income:

  • Software Licensing. Rates can be viewed at
  • Advertising. Varying based on license, 5-90% of all ads going through Ad Einstein goes to Of Eleven Media.
  • Publishing Services. Publishers can opt to have the Of Eleven design team create their digital editions for a fee.


Of Eleven’s MagTitan software creates an amazingly engaging animated digital reading experience, while their Ad Einstein tech allows publishers to now make money like Google, each time an ad is read.
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