Watlington Foods is the manufacturer of the next big chocolates and snacks brands. Our San Francisco premium chocolates rival all competitors and our California nuts and dried fruits are being exported around the Pacific Rim.

Meet Halo and Radiance.

We aren’t just about delicious treats and snacks, however: we’re also a health brand. Halo Bio-Pharma Snacks are certified by the American Diabetes Association, and our upcoming ice cream for lactose intolerant consumers will be a huge hit among the growing population segment that has been shut off from the wonders of ice cream.

Halo represents the future of the food industry. Forget the poisonous sugars, forget the lactose, and get behind better-for-you luxury snacks that our increasing diabetic and lactose intolerant population can enjoy as well.

Help build Watlington Foods and our Halo and Radiance brands into a world leader!


National grocery and drugstores are full of mass-produced, middle-range chocolate confections that are both mediocre in taste and loaded with unnatural sugars. It is next to impossible for consumers to purchase high-end confections—especially ones that won’t compromise their health—without a separate trip to a specialty store.

The US snacking industry is designed around ease of production, leading to compromised taste and adverse health effects. 

But at Watlington, we’re making it our mission to change that. 

Building on our team’s extensive national chain and brand experience, Watlington Foods is taking our Halo and Radiance branded products into conventional grocery and drugstores across the country, as well as internationally throughout the Pacific Rim.


Meet the entire collection of Halo and Radiance specialty snacks.

Halo Fine Confections

  • Premium chocolates with high cocoa content
  • Four regular and two sugar free exclusive fillings
  • Enrobed (vs flow molded or liquid inside like Lindt or Godiva)
  • Belgian chocolate with higher cocoa butter and less sugar
  • Unique & intense flavors, each offered in a variety of packaging sizes and configurations
  • High end confections available in conventional grocery stores

Radiance California Snacks

  • California grown nuts & dried fruits, all sugar free
  • Nuts: almonds & walnuts
  • Dried fruits: prunes, apricots, figs, grapes, and pears
  • Raw almonds endorsed by the American Diabetes Association
  • Buyers in China and India

Halo Bio-Pharma Snacks

  • Raw almonds endorsed by the American Diabetes Association
  • Sugar-free confections


The values we stand for are high quality ingredients, dedication to fair employment, sustainable sourcing, and fair pricing.


In February 2013, the first Halo product was placed in Walgreens. A year and a half later, in October 2014, Watlington Food products were in more than 150 stores across the country.


You can find Halo Fine Confections in Walgreens, CVS, Raley’s, Mollie Stone’s, Lunardi’s, Andronico’s, and many more traditional chain stores across the country. We’re currently in negotiations with Safeway, T.J. Maxx, and Whole Foods as well.

We’re international, too! Our export distributors are already in place, and we have contracts with Taobao, the Chinese equivalent of Amazon.com, and strong interest from Shanghai Disneyland. We also have international trade show booths in place to help continue spreading our reach.


We’re primed for an even bigger year in 2016. We’ll kick off a new marketing program in April and fulfill our first product order to Taobao in June. But our biggest goal is finishing development on a lactase replacement product for the lactose intolerant.

We have encapsulated lactase (a lactose intolerant substitute) that we will use to create delicious, regular tasting ice cream for those who are lactose intolerant. Within five years, this new form of ice cream will be everywhere as the rate of lactose intolerance continues to skyrocket.

To see how you can be a part of this now and get in on the ground floor, make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile. 


  • Took Granny Goose Foods from a WARN notice and $4M loss on $75M sales to $5M profit on $105MM sales in three years.
  • As acting CEO, took $50M Honolulu Shipyards from pending foreclosure to profitability.
  • Designed and established the national sales program for TCHO Chocolate.
  • As Brand Manager, obtained national Safeway placement for Thanksgiving Coffee.
  • Provided strategic, sales & financial planning for many well-known brands.
  • As CEO of Metro Pacific Corporation, built and converted condominium and rental buildings as large as 220 units.
  • Sits on the Boards and Executive Committees of the San Francisco Center for Economic Development, the Northern California Chapter of the American Diabetes Association and the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Public Policy Committee.
  • Served on Governor Brown’s Subdivision Advisory Committee.
  • Former director of the Association for Corporate Growth.

Provides strategic counsel based upon his experience in Mergers & Acquisitions at Cisco Systems, IT development at Safeway Stores, and considerable international business & market development consulting to Fortune 1000 companies. He is a regular speaker at professional & technology organizations on three continents and serves as an instructor at UC Berkeley Extension.

Established training programs, administrative operations, workable protocols, administrative policy & strong internal communications for many government, manufacturing & other private entities; many times doubling capacity without increasing staff. She has developed and overseen training programs for several large organizations including the U.S. Navy, where as Lieutenant Commander, she ran and validated U.S. Navy manpower requirements in preparation for Desert Shield & Desert Storm. As a Project Management Professional, she builds the infrastructure necessary to support fast growth.

As Chief Financial Officer of Town School for Boys, she is responsible for the infrastructure, finance, accounting, human resources, information technology and facilities departments. Owner of the $31MM construction project now being successfully completed.

Chief Operating Officer of Mighty Leaf Tea, responsible for manufacturing, planning and forecasting, product development, IT & quality assurance; at Treasury Wine Estates was responsible for manufacturing; at Starbucks she managed supply chain services; at Coca-Cola was responsible for logistics planning.

Provided strategic communications to Treasury Wine Estates, including Penfolds, Chateau St.Jean, Etude, Stags’ Leap, St. Clement; Williams-Sonoma including Pottery Barn & West Elm: Mighty Leaf Tea; Gap; & Pepsi-Cola.

Responsible for developing sales, distributors & trading partners throughout India, South Korea, Japan & Bangladesh; working with senior in-country executives, U. S. Government export entities & attending international trade shows.

The many iterations of packaging necessary to attain a successful store & consumer presentation is John’s responsibility. By having in-house design capability, WFL can respond quickly to the demands of new store openings, national programs and corrections in the production process.

Watlington Foods is the manufacturer of the next big chocolates and snacks brands. Our San Francisco premium chocolates rival all competitors and our California nuts and dried fruits are being exported around the Pacific Rim.
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