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Gilbert, Arizona, USA

Heliae® starts 2016 with the recent addition of key new hires in research and development, quality, and regulatory affairs who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the algae technology company.

Dr. Jon Hansen has accepted the role of Vice President of Science and Technology in which he will lead Heliae®’s research and development team. Jon brings extensive, world class research and development leadership experience to Heliae®. Most recently, Jon most recently worked for DSM, a global leader in nutrition and materials science, and previously had roles in research and development with Martek, the company that pioneered algal DHA production, and Kelco, a unit of Monsanto/Pharmacia. Jon has overseen research and development projects ranging from microbial-derived diesel production to cutting edge health and wellness products. At Heliae®, Jon will serve in a key leadership position and will guide new product development with the aim of creating breakthrough microalgae-based products in a variety of existing and potential new markets.

“Jon is a seasoned leader of innovative teams with a robust and diverse scientific background, and as such will be able to accelerate the great progress of our research and development efforts,” said J. Craig Johnson, President & CEO of Heliae®. “Jon has an impressive track-record of success in taking novel technologies from the lab to commercialization. We are extremely pleased to welcome Jon to the company.”

Dr. Matthew Saunders also joined Heliae®’s research and development team in 2015 in the role of Manager of Strain Development. Matt previously worked as a group leader with Sapphire Energy, establishing research programs and engineering strains with improved targeted characteristics for commercial product development. Matt brings key expertise in microbial strain development, genomics and bioinformatics, high-throughput screening and cell-based assay development to Heliae®. Matt will oversee the continued development of Heliae®’s diverse collection of microalgae strains.

Heliae® has also made key hires in its quality and regulatory functions. Kevin Korth is Heliae®’s new Director of Quality Assurance. Kevin brings decades of experience in leading quality operations from leading technology and consumer products companies such as Melaleuca, Inc. and the Kimberly-Clark Corporation to Heliae®. At Heliae®, Kevin will lead the company’s quality assurance program; his invaluable insight from the consumer’s perspective will support Heliae®’s relentless focus on quality. Finally, Teresa Bock has taken on the role of Regulatory and Compliance Counsel, bringing experience developed over 20 years of working with regulated technology companies, which she will apply in helping Heliae® progress product opportunities through regulatory clearance.

“The additions of Matt, Kevin, and Teresa meaningfully strengthen Heliae®’s leadership and technical capabilities” said Craig Johnson. “Heliae® is focused on both expanding our research pipeline and progressing promising product candidates to commercialization. By adding these remarkably qualified associates to our team we are making significant steps forward in both efforts.”

With these new and other new additions, Heliae® continues to strengthen its resources and build on the existing foundation for future growth. Heliae® welcomes these new team members and looks forward to their contributions in the years to come.

Company Information:

Heliae® is an applied life sciences and technology company focused on researching and developing algae and other cutting edge biological platforms for commercial scale production of useful products. Our mission is to unlock the potential of algae and other emerging biological systems by turning our research and innovation into products and solutions for our partners, customers and the world. For more information, please visit us at www.heliae.com.

Heliae® starts 2016 with the recent addition of key new hires in research and development, quality, and regulatory affairs who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the algae technology company.

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Contact Information:
Len Smith, Chief Business Officer
Em: lsmith@heliae.com
578 E. Germann Rd.
Gilbert, AZ 85297
Ph: (480) 758-5577
Fax: (480) 718-8316

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