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Longview’s Unique Positions

• Longview enables a “plug and play” environment for licensed growers where growers need to supply only the agricultural material and expertise.

• Business plan allows for establishment of facilities in multiple states, an option often foreclosed to businesses involved in the legal agricultural marijuana space.

• Management team currently targeting distressed industrial and commercial real estate with potential to be converted into indoor and outdoor cultivation facilities.

• Currently focused on projects with significant buy-in from local municipalities in order to mitigate zoning issues.

• Company’s regulatory exposure is limited by working only with state licensed growers and avoiding direct engagement in regulated activities (“never touch the bud”)

• Target clientele of growers is primarily focused on agricultural expertise and typically in need of professional managerial and other ancillary services to operate a successful business – significant opportunity to provide additional follow-on services to growers including security, accounting, management consulting, etc.

• Significant profit generated by sales of marijuana oil (used in edibles and vapor devices) provides Longview with the opportunity to increase revenues by offering to lease or rent extracting equipment in addition to basic horticulture equipment.

Products / Services

Real Estate Leasing

Longview Industries USA, Inc. has leased an initial facility in Longview, Washington. The facility is 48,800 square feet and has been sub-let as a turn key solution to a soon to be licensed grower, R&D Nursery Ltd.

At current market rates the site has been leased for annual revenue of $2,349,600.

Equipment Leasing

Longview Industries USA, Inc. is in the process of fully equiping their first facility. The leasing market is ripe for leasing options, be that for cultivators, processors or dispensory owners, it is evident with the lack of educated lenders that those who are oportunistic will be able to reap higher than average market returns.


Longview Industries USA, Inc. has commercial cannabis business planning services which are structured to help those pursuing a cultivation operation, medicinal or recreational dispensary, or an infused-product manufacturing company to create and implement effective, long-range business plans.

We will work with you to generate a comprehensive strategy based on market need and growth opportunities, and be your partner through site selection, site design, build out and product deployment. We understand your challenges and we also understand the challenges and complexities of the regulated commercial cannabis market.

The business provides real estate and equipment leasing to licensed cannabis cultivators for them to focus on their area of expertise (agriculture) while amortizing start-up costs and achieving otherwise inaccessible economies of scale.
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