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What We Need & What You Get

The Native Yard goes to Home & Garden trade shows throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland in hopes of selling native plants. At these trade shows I would like to get native plant posters that reads about each plant and the benefits that it brings. 

Examples of this would be like a Milk Weed Flower only feeds a certain butterfly. So without that plant, there would be no species from which feeds from that milk weed.

The information would come straight from the Federal Database for Plants. I would then print the sheets out with good paper and ink. There will be over 500 different plants that will be needed. Then take them into Office Max and get them laminated to keep them protected. (There would be no copyright issues.) The last thing that would be needed would be a caring storage bin to keep them all together.

The Impact

Customers would be able to see these posters more clearly and have a better understanding of the plant growth detail and wildlife benefits. An added benefit would be that the posters would continue to be reused for all of the trade shows The Native Yard attends.

Risks & Challenges

The only challenges that I see would be to keep them in order at all times so none of them would get missed placed.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you like my business but don’t have that extra dime, you can also go to my Facebook page and like me. You can do that by going to my website at and go to the Facebook link. Or follow the link to Facebook. The website is currently under construction but will be up any day. So please check on it.  

Thank you everyone! Save the pollinators, bees and all! ♡


Hi! I am Kae! I started a business called The Native Yard. The business sells native plants for Northeastern America. However, by request, I can get other parts of the USA’s native plants for customers that live outside that area.
The goal to my business is teach communities the importance of pollinators.
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