Launched in Sweden October 2015, Bujjo is capitalizing on the growing trend towards Bone Broth drinks worldwide, particularly in markets like New York and London. Breaking new ground in the beverage market, Bujjo has created genuine buzz.

Investor proposal

We believe Bujjo is a strong investment opportunity. Why?
  • Unique market positioning
  • Already established in Sweden
  • Growing distribution and sales
  • Potential for significant international expansion
  • Significant investment in factory, packaging and marketing has already been made. 
We proved that we can take a company to the stock market successfully and we intend to replicate it with Bujjo.
On the back of growth in Sweden, we plan to launch ‘Bujjo AB’ on the Swedish stock market. This has the dual benefits of raising additional funds for international expansion and providing an exit opportunity for shareholders.
Already showing good sales figures.


The problem this product solves

Name one hot, delicious, healthy and 100% organic drink found wherever hot drinks are sold. The truth is, there aren’t any!
According to health and food trends Bone Broth drinks have been around since early 2015 and the market segment is growing rapidly. 
Why?  Because bone broths answer a rapidly growing desire we all have to eat more healthy, natural, and tasty ‘on the go’ foods & snacks. 
This is no passing trend. Bone broths have been made in family homes for hundreds of years but now, for the first time, are available in a ready to drink, snack format.

How the product solves it

Bujjo is the modern, ready to drink, equivalent of broths that have been made at home for hundreds of years. 
More than this, Bujjo is 100% organic, using only fresh organic ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away … EG: the ugly organic vegetables that supermarkets refuse to stock.
As a result, not only is Bujjo organic, but also it is sold at a very much non-organic price giving great value for money. 
Importantly, Bujjo helps reduce the huge waste in food, benefiting farmers that would otherwise have to throw their produce away.


Product features

Bujjo is the modern day, 100% organic, Bone Broth. 
It is made by taking surplus fresh organic ingredients and slowly simmering these in water for up to 18 hours to extract all the natural healthiness of the ingredients … amino acids, natural protein etc. … and without adding anything else. The result is a broth that is both organic and gluten, lactose and additive free.
Bujjo comes in three varieties so far: Beef, Chicken and Vegetable (vegan).

Product use cases

Easily put – a hot delicious drink that is so much healthier and tastier than your third cup of coffee or fourth tea of the day. 
Bujjo is sold in a microwaveable cup, ready to heat and have on the go as a great tasting snack or part of a meal.
A unique concept, a unique drinks category – and already launched in Sweden! 


Target Market

As of today the hot ready-to-drink beverage market in Sweden is estimated to the total worth SEK 7,096M / annum.
For BUJJO to get just 1% of the market, this would result in a business with sales in excess of SEK 70M / annum. 
Bujjo is targeting urban professionals who eat ‘on the go’ and coffee / tea drinkers who are looking for choice. A healthy, tasty alternative to yet another coffee.
We are targeting sales in excess of SEK 250K / month by end April with growth in excess of 15% / month.

Competitive landscape

Today, Bujjo is in the strong position of being first to market in this sector. This gives the Bujjo brand a unique opportunity to create a new, hot, ‘on the go’ drinks category. 
Bujjo is therefore in a very strong position to ‘own’ this new market, providing rapid and continued growth over the coming months and years as the market both in Sweden and internationally expands.
At this stage, there are no branded competitors in Sweden.

Unique differentiator from competitors

The unique thing about Bujjo is that it’s unique!
  • A healthier, tastier more nutritious hot drink than either coffee or tea.
  • A healthy snack that tastes better than one packed full of additives and other ‘nasties’.

Business Model

Company revenue streams

The beauty of the economic model behind Bujjo is simple – there are no losers. 
We buy fresh organic produce at a lower cost, such as the ‘ugly’ vegetables that don’t make it to supermarket shelves, and turn these into healthy and organic broth drinks.  
  • A win for farmers who normally can’t sell their surplus organic produce.
  • A win for consumers who don’t pay a high premium for organic food in stores. 
  • A win for Bujjo which makes money on consumer sales

Product/service distribution

Bujjo launched in Sweden in October ’15 with distribution in over two hundred 7-Eleven stores nationwide. 
From February 2016 we will extend Bujjo distribution, with deals already in place with Axfood and ICA.
By the end of 2016 we expect to be in over 350 new supermarket stores, plus a significant number of convenience stores including Statoil and Preem.
This will significantly increase Bujjo brand distribution, consumer awareness and sales potential as a direct result.


Previous milestones/traction

Looking at 2015 …
  • BUJJO was launched in October in 7-Eleven nationwide across Sweden. In total, 200 plus outlets.
  • Since launch, total consumer sales are SEK 350,000  
  • We have achieved significant PR coverage, particularly with the all important opinion leaders & trendsetters. This should increase consumer sales as the brand grows in awareness.
  • We have run on the street sampling in Stockholm city centre to push consumer awareness and trial. 

Next key objectives

Looking at 2016 …
  • January: Bujjo is still supported and stocked by 7-Eleven with new consumer based promotions taking place.
  • February: On the back of 7-Eleven success, both Axfood’s Hemköp stores and ICA have agreed to list and distribute Bujjo.
  • Throughout: Continuous social media led consumer marketing to build awareness and drive sales. Further sampling in key cities
  • International Expansion: On the back of Swedish success, rapidly build international sales, both in Europe and Asia where bone broths are a key part of their diet.
  • Sales: By April we expect sales to hit SEK 250 000/month

Previous Financing

Bujjo is currently 100% owned by SCANDINAVIAN ORGANICS, listed on the Swedish stock market (Nordic Growth Market (NGM.SE). More info about the publicly trading stock can be readhere:
Scandinavian Organics was established in 2014, is growing rapidly, focussing 100% on organic products. 
Scandinavian Organics has funded its growth in two ways:
  • Individual financing 
  • Listing / sale of shares on the NGM.SE
This financing has enabled Scandinavian Organics to invest in:
  • Food production capacity/automatization.
  • Product development.
  • Marketing.
  • People, particularly in management and sales.
Importantly, the management team hold significant equity in the business and are totally committed to its success.


Scandinavian Organics and Bujjo have two main partnership areas:
  • Food suppliers: Particularly organic farmers, where we are well known and respected for our approach to and focus on reducing food waste … which itself is one of the key areas of focus throughout the food industry.
  • Food Retailers: This drives our sales and is critical to success.
On Bujjo we are particularly excited about both the on-going relationship and support from 7-Eleven, and the new distribution agreements we have with both Axfood and Ica.

Industry Recognition

Industry Certification/Awards

  • The launch of Bujjo has created a real buzz in both the food and health communities (See press clippings in Documents).
  • Scandinavian Organics received Axfood’s ”Garants Ekostjärna”, Garants Eco Star, in Januray 2015.

Use of Funds

  1. Create a separate PLC to manage and drive the Bujjo opportunity, both in Sweden and internationally. The business will be part owned by Scandinavian Organics and part by crowdfunding shareholders.
  2. Sales support to increase listings / distribution in Sweden.
  3. Intensive marketing to drive awareness and trial. Our experience indicates that once people try Bujjo, they love the brand and ‘sell it’ within their pier group.
  4. Launch Bujjo internationally, with particular focus on UK, Europe and Asia. Asia in particular offers significant sales potential given that broths form a key part of consumers diet in the region.

Bujjo is a tasty, organic ‘on the go’ hot drink from the rapidly growing Scandinavian Organics food company.

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Contact Information:
Nils Wetterlind

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