Salon Matchmakers matches spas and salons with the perfect employees through a uniquely visual platform, allowing both parties to browse real places and real people with the power of video. See the people you’re about to hire, or see the salon that wants to hire you.

It’s a completely unique way to match the best employees to the best workplaces… because though the salon industry is growing quickly and attracting bright new talent, it still suffers from a fatal flaw: unprecedented turnover rates. Salon Matchmakers turns that weakness into a strength.


~ ML Corbett, Demand Media

In the salon business, recruiting isn’t just an uphill battle- it’s a perpetual one. With an astounding 40 percent turnover rate, stylists regularly jump ship—and because the salon down the road is facing the same struggles, that stylist can often walk down the street and find employment the same day.

That kind of turnover, as ML Corbett notes, “affects sales and erodes a salon’s reputation. The ease with which stylists leap from one salon to another keeps hair business owners in constant recruiting mode.”

How are salon owners supposed to focus on customers—or sales—in such a corrosive atmosphere?

In short, they can’t.

~ Hairdresser Career Development Systems founder Jon Gonzales


Poor hiring choices are a result of the corrosive atmosphere, and the atmosphere is a result of poor hiring choices.

It’s time for the madness to end.

It’s time for Salon Matchmakers.


Salon Matchmakers is a visual employment platform designed with the sole purpose of giving both parties—salon and spa industry employees and employers—unprecedented access to one another.

Salons and Spas: Make Better Hiring Decisions

Cast your net wide and get access to the only database built exclusively to match your salon with the talent you need to grow your business.

Salon Matchmakers profiles aren’t fluffed-up resumes. They’re real people you can see to make better decisions.

Salon and Spa Job-Seekers: Make More Informed Employment Choices

Nearly everyone in the industry has a horror story: you agree to work at a place that seems okay enough, but once you cross the threshold, you realize your mistake.

With Salon Matchmakers, you can easily separate the wheat from the chaff. See where you’re going before you make the leap.


Salon Matchmakers is visual by design, and it couldn’t be easier to use.

Salons and spas can post unlimited jobs on the platform, so you never have to worry about hitting a limit.

Don’t have an opening? Just unsubscribe for the time being. When another opening comes up, you can re-subscribe, and your full profile will reappear, just as it was.

We’ve thought of everything. Still employed, but looking for a new job? Make your profile private. Salon Matchmakers is free to use for job-seekers.

The Power of Video
If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? Our platform allows salons to post 90-second videos of their establishment to show potential job-seekers what they offer.

And job-seekers can in turn post 30-second videos of themselves, so salon and spa owners can rely on more than a profile picture to make a decision.

Stop making important decisions—about who will work for you, about who you’ll work for— without collecting the necessary information. Salon Matchmakers gives employers and employees access to the information they need to make better decisions- and better decisions leads to better results.

Think of us as Cupid, if Cupid were technologically sophisticated enough to handle a huge database of pictures and videos.


We’re thrilled to announce that Salon Matchmakers is now a working platform supported by renowned industry partners that have the resources to take this technology to the next level. None other than Elan Sassoon and Eden Sassoon—yes, those Sassoons—are Salon Matchmakers cofounders.

We’ve also partnered with industry leader Dessange Group North America, which will add 500 salons to our database of employers in first quarter 2016, bringing our total to 1,000 members. Please note we are in the process of working on other relationships to bring on large groups of members as well.

We’ve also partnered with:





Salon Matchmakers is well on its way to redefining an industry. No more exceedingly high turnover, no more frantically searching for someone to fill the gap. Now, owners and employees can forge lasting relationships to put the focus where it belongs: on the customers who will allow their business to thrive.


A Wall Street veteran, Michelle obtained her MBA from NYU (Stern).

President of Pantone, Inc. from 2001-2009

Well-known in the industry; builds salons, develops products and educational resources

Well-known salon owner and Health & Beauty industry authority 

Founder of The Hair Nerds

Salon Matchmakers matches spas and salons with the perfect employees through a uniquely visual platform, allowing both parties to browse real places and real people with the power of video. See the people you’re about to hire, or see the salon that wants to hire you.
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