MySpot is a smartphone app that uses advanced data to make parking as simple as pulling out your phone. Find an available spot, pay right from the app and get on with your day. Real-time occupancy data means you’ll never have to circle the lot to find a parking spot again.

And with gate access integration integration in the works, MySpot users will soon be able to open gated lots right from their phone, making parking headaches a thing of the past. We’re coming to a campus near you to kick off a nationwide rollout.


MySpot is the premier parking solution both for anyone who’s ever battled to find the perfect parking spot, and for college and corporate campuses who want to streamline their parking operations and simplify payments.

That trend is driven by the influx of people moving from rural into urban areas. More people, same number of parking spaces.

The problem is especially pronounced at public universities. College students are flocking to urban areas, and as enrollment goes up, the parking system feels the strain.

And enrollment is up, increasing year by year as college degrees become the norm, meaning the problem is only going to get worse.

The result: headaches and frustration for drivers, waste and dissatisfied customers for colleges, corporations and parking garages


Find, navigate to, access and pay for parking… all from your phone. MySpot covers every aspect of parking, making it easy for drivers to park, and for campuses to collect. It’s the complete parking solution.

See Available Spots in Real-Time

In an anonymous survey, 80 percent of respondents said they’d use an app that provides them with the location of an available parking spot (which makes sense… everybody hates to park, so anything that makes parking easier is greeted with open arms).

MySpot makes finding a spot dead simple with real-time data showing the availability of parking spots. Open the app, see your spot.


Pay from Your Phone

In the same survey, 70 percent of respondents said they’d prefer to use credit to pay for their parking.

With MySpot, you can easily pay with your credit card right from the app. Because really- who carries cash anymore?

Eliminate Flat Fees with Tiered Pricing

With flat fees, it’s hard for campuses and garages to raise prices because every single customer is affected, making a pushback a sure thing.

With MySpot, campuses can implement a tiered pricing structure that can vary by day, semester, time, location or group, easing the burden on their least-affected customers.

Increase Transparency and Reduce Costs

⅓ of the parking pros use big data to make decisions, according to a 2015 IPI survey. MySpot puts the power of big data in everyone’s hands (literally). There’s no setup fee, no printed tickets or parking passes, and without the need to handle cash, parking attendants’ workload gets reduced, too.

Plus, real-time utilization updates give campuses the power of big data to inform future planning. No more waste.


MySpot is tailored to the unique challenges of parking at public universities.

With real-time availability data, users can find available parking spots instantly, eliminating the huge waste of time associated with traditional parking.

Easy navigation services are offered right in the app. We’ll take drivers right up to their spot, so there’s virtually no chance of delay.

Cashless mobile payments allow users to pay for parking right from their phone, with their own credit cards, eliminating cash handling and the inefficiency that comes with it. Revenue is securely and instantly deposited into a linked account.

With no tickets to print out and no physical parking passes to handle, the logistics of parking has never been easier (or more sustainable!).


We’ve been hard at work on perfecting our iPhone app, and we’re excited to announce that our iOS and web apps launched in September, and Android development is right around the corner. We’re working on a deal with a large Boston campus to get MySpot rolling and to refine the app and the process to make it the easiest, most complete parking solution on the market.

We’re also working on an exciting new feature: by working directly with gate manufacturers to program gate access directly into the MySpot app, users will be able to enter and exit gated lots right from their smartphone.

Next year, we’re planning a huge new feature that would put wireless sensors in every parking spot for even more advanced, real-time analytics capabilities. There’s nothing (associated with parking) the MySpot app won’t do.


Formerly a securities pricing expert at State Street Corporation, Karl is currently a student at UMass Boston.

Isabel is a former actuarial consultant at Ernst & Young and a former actuarial analyst at National Life Group. She studied at Cornell.

Sam has extensive real estate experience at Century 21.

 Stephan is the former sales manager at Herb Chambers.

Cooper teaches IT classes at Champlain College.

MySpot is a smartphone app that uses advanced data to make parking as simple as pulling out your phone. Find an available spot, pay right from the app and get on with your day. Real-time occupancy data means you’ll never have to circle the lot to find a parking spot again.
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