AARMED is a manufacturer, designer, and tester of survival equipment meant for real world emergencies. Our flagship product, the AARMED ST, is an innovative design that allows anyone from survivalists and adventure travelers to hunters and remote workers to be prepared for emergency survival if the need arises.

The entire ST series provides the ultimate in portability using compact dimensions, self containment, and multi-use tools. Additional storage capacity simply screws on to the main body, allowing you to pack in even more tools from the AARMED ST line, or even your own items such as a flint and striker, emergency blankets, or a solar charger.

The ST has the ability to create fire, boil water, signal for help, and store anything from medical kits to fishing and hunting gear.

Led by a team of outdoor and survival professionals, AARMED is working on solutions that make outdoor living not only an option but a pleasure. With AARMED ST, you can survive and thrive in any condition.


Whether we’re trying to survive other humans or Mother Nature, every one of us has a lot to contend with these days. Urban and rural dwellers alike can’t count on safety anymore, which is why being prepared should be priority #1.

Picture this: suddenly, and completely without warning, the world experiences a total blackout – no electricity, no mobile phones, no banks, no internet, no TV, no emergency services. Nothing. Or maybe you’re just a weekend camper who stumbles into a bear or forgets your matches at home. Maybe you’re even a survivalist camper who wants to test your skills in extreme conditions.

Even before recents acts of terrorism and social unrest filled our TV screens, survivalists have been growing in numbers as evidenced by popular shows like The Walking Dead, Falling Skies, Dual Survival, Doomsday Preppers, and Man vs. Wild.

That’s where AARMED ST comes in. Our lightweight, multipurpose solution provides people everywhere with the survival products that can make all the difference between survival — and the unthinkable. 


The AARMED Survival Tube is a multifaceted tool designed to assist in short term and long term survival situations. A properly stocked AARMED ST is a vital part of any survival kit or bug out bag, in some cases it can be all you need.

A typical survival kit includes: a knife, fire starter, tinder, first aid kit, fishing gear, water purifying gear, snares, shelter, and much more. The problem is, this can weigh a great deal and be hard to transport, especially in an emergency situation.

What makes the AARMED ST so special is its long term survival benefits contained within a small lightweight package that can easily be added to a bug out bag.

The AARMED ST has the ability to solve many survival needs including fire, water purification, hunting, fishing, signaling, shelter, heat source, and first aid. Fundable “Tailblazer Edition” AARMED units will come with an additional $50 value First aid kit, emergency blanket, paracord and flint striker. 



The AARMED EDC is a standalone component of the arm survival system that uses its cutting thread to form a strong bond with branches. The EDC can be used for line fishing, spear fishing, hunting, making snares, starting friction fires and rigging lines.

This unassuming piece of gear uses the same threading as the rest of the aarmed survival system allowing you to a attach all of the aarmed survival system attachments.


Our patent pending design not only stores emergency supplies but actually assists in survival with it’s many functions.

The AARMED ST system allows you to plan for the worst. With a large number of survival tools available, your AARMED ST system will be ready to tackle any situation. Procure drinkable water, fire, food, and shelter, with one easy to carry or mount tool.

Normal price: $285

For the next month, we’re offering the AARMED ST at a hugely discounted price! See the funding goals section below for full details.


Our research indicates that there are between 3-4 million survivalists and 15-20 million adventure travelers in North America. Prepping has become a multibillion dollar industry and continues to grow with the recession and uncertainty of world affairs.

Civilians such as forestry workers, surveyors, or bush pilots who work in remote locations with extreme climate conditions should be equipped with survival kits at all times. Other specific examples of potential AARMED clients include Mike and Mary.

Mike is a 28-year-old male who works as a plumber and has a wife and two small children. Mike watches the news daily and doesn’t like what he sees; he fears for his family’s long term survival. He has prepared a bug out bag and necessary equipment for his family if he has to leave his home quickly in the event of a disaster. He spends many hours researching products that he needs to have for long term survival away from urban areas. AARMED ST is one of those essentials.

Mary is a 34-year-old single female who enjoys hiking and camping on the weekends to get away from her busy life in the city. Mary commonly day hikes in small mountain ranges but occasionally camps overnight for added adventure. She is very active in social communities that revolve around hiking and camping and looks for lightweight multi use equipment for her adventures. AARMED ST is the perfect solution for her, as she understands the importance of always being prepared and never wants to get herself into a situation she can’t get out of.


There are many companies that offer survival kits but the AARMED ST stands alone when it comes to single item, multi-purpose, long-term survival solutions.

AARMED Advantages
Yes the AARMED ST is another way to carry your survival products but aspects of the AARMED ST that our competitors simply can’t compete with are our lightweight design and built in tools. Other products can’t be used to start fire, purify water, use as a signal device, or hunt with. AARMED ST can. Not just a fancy carry case but a critical component of long term survival. 


Keith heads our marketing and strategy in close consultation with the board of directors. He is also our liaison to outside graphic and web designers and other marketing firms. Keith works hand in hand with the board to develop and test our products.

Anthony manages the day to day operations of AARMED and makes sure that supply and demand and quality and control are maintained. Anthony also oversees all web sales. Anthony hires and manages our small warehouse staff as well as the salesforce, accounting, and administrative team.

Korey works behind the scenes in product development and testing. He also manages our finances through an outside accounting firm.

Kendall works behind the scenes in product development and testing.


With 8 prototypes already built and our website nearly complete, AARMED is looking to raise $50,000 to place our first order with our manufacturer.


This special offer will only last for one month, so don’t wait to AARM yourself with the only survival tool you can count on. When shit hits the fan, there’s only one name you can count on: AARMED.

AARMED is a manufacturer, designer, and tester of survival equipment meant for real world emergencies. Our flagship product, the AARMED ST, is an innovative design that allows anyone from survivalists and adventure travelers to hunters and remote workers to be prepared for emergency survival if the need arises.
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Keith Wick
Anthony Gonzal
Korel Mcquillan
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