Beer Hound Brewery is a microbrewery in Culpeper, Virginia that takes advantage of Culpeper’s exceptionally crisp and naturally fresh water supply to create masterful craft beers, served direct to customers at our brewery.


People are getting smarter about their beer. And they’re foaming at the mouth for better, richer, fresher taste.


In 2008, Kenny Thacker found his construction work drying up, a casualty of the housing crisis. Down but not out, Kenny realized it was time to pursue his lifelong passion: crafting exquisite beer with fresh, local ingredients.

Beer Hound Brewery was born.


Craft breweries follow a spirit of innovation. They interpret historic styles with unique twists, and they develop new styles with no precedent.

It’s a fine tradition, and we’re proud to carry it on.

Beer Hound has 22 recipes in our portfolio, each named after hounds made famous in movies, literature, and history. Each have their own personality. And each are crafted from fresh, local, hand-picked ingredients.

Teufelhunde: Mild aroma, flavor bursting with strong tropical fruit characters. A Belgian Tripel that pours a cloudy golden color with a thick dense white head.

Scottie: Very mild aroma with hints of honey and bread crust. Highlighted by a burst of honey character and some spiciness, it finishes crisp and dry and pours a dark honey color with a cream-colored, densely-packed head.

Kujo: Not for the faint of heart. A bracing bitterness that keeps you on your toes, featuring a blend of citrus, spicy, and herbal hop characters, Kujo pours a slightly cloudy clover honey color with a course white head.

Apollo: Official German Hefeweizen with a hint of banana and a spicy, tart edge.

Winston: Homemade root beer for the wee ones and designated drivers. Rich, distinct, full-flavored.

Teddy: Smooth, easy drinking with a clear straw color, a thick, rich white head. A serious thirst-quencher.

Olde Yella: Aromas of citrus and light hints of baking bread. Easy to drink with a balance of sweetness and bracing bitterness. Pours a cloudy amber with a thick, rich white head.

Duke: Medium-bodied with a hint of sweetness and a touch of pepper that changes as the beer warms. An Amber ale that pours a clover honey color with a thin off-white head.

Fang: Lingering aroma of coffee, dark unsweetened chocolate and biscuit. Flavor bursting with dark chocolate and lightly roasted coffee with surprising drinkability. Creamy tan head.

Archie: Hints of citrus and bakers chocolate in the aroma, a burst of citrus hop with subtle caramel and bread notes in the flavor. A rich, dark brown English Brown Ale with a thick off-white head.



Beer Hound Brewery was relaunched in 2014 with a renewed business focus and a savvy COO. We had 10BBLs of beer nirvana ready to go at launch… all gone in 36 hours.

2015 was a big, big year for Beer Hound 

Our tasting room serves 250 people per week, and we recently started catering to bars, clubs, taverns, pubs and restaurants.

After a visit from Tim Smith, host of The Discovery Channel’s “Moonshiners,” Tim is now a regular visitor to the tasting room, and will be a collaborator going forward.

Governor of Virginia, Terry Mcauliffe is supporting the cause, and checking in on Beer Hounds progress from time to time.

We’re passionate about our beer, but we’re also passionate about getting it into the hands of hounds all over the country who crave a superior beer experience. So we’re enacting an ambitious distribution strategy to get Beer Hound beer in grocery stores and other retailers all over the US.

But just because we’ve got big plans doesn’t mean we’re cutting corners. Beer Hound recipes will always be brewed with care, adhering to our stringent standards. We’re still in the business of innovating, too: we’re in collaboration with a local spice company, sourcing them for fresh local ingredients like coriander, chamomile, orange peel and honey. We’re going to do great things with great beer.


After a career in residential construction, Kenny decided to pursue his passion, leading to the opening of Beer Hound Brewery in 2012. He soon teamed up with Frank Becker and Rick Cash and relaunched the new Beer Hound Brewery in 2014. Beer Hound’s first 10 BBls sold out in 36 hours.

Frank has more than 16 years of experience in retail and hospitality management. He wears multiple hats, spearheading the developement of sales, marketing and operations for Beer Hound.

Rick is retired from the tobacco industry. He works closely with Kenny and Frank on capital expendature and asset redeployment activities.

Beer Hound Brewery is a microbrewery in Culpeper, Virginia that takes advantage of Culpeper’s exceptionally crisp and naturally fresh water supply to create masterful craft beers, served direct to customers at our brewery.
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