In a recent survey conducted by the Auto Trader Group, out of 4002 respondents only 17 really liked the current car buying experience. That is only .42%! That is a terrible statistic, so a change needs to happen.

Amazon, AirBnB and Uber have effected the industries they are in forever and have forced the traditional brick and mortar companies to either shutdown or play catch-up. The car industry has not gone through such a change despite having so much technology at their fingertips, until today.

We have a patent pending status on a business process that automates what we already do manually. The patent is for a cloud based system for finding a used car. There are huge nationwide dealer-only databases that we can pass on to the consumer allowing them to become their own dealer.

While on the site or app, the customer will submit their specs and automatically receive options with high resolution images, condition and history reports. Once agreed and committed to, the car would be bought on behalf of the client and delivered to their doorstep. If the car is to be won at auction (or at a wholesale “buy now” price), the customer places their maximum price and is updated about the progress of the vehicle.

This way the customer is in full control of the car buying experience and the process is completely transparent in regards to the history and condition of the vehicle. Financing can also be included as part of the experience by pre-qualifying before beginning the process.

We believe an app to facilitate the above will revolutionize the car buying experience forever. Once we are funded, is ready to be developed and designed, followed by the development and design of the app.

Warren Buffet and George Soros are entering the industry and are acquiring dealerships. Berkshire Hathaway Automotive is now one of the largest dealerships in the country. The market is prime to build this website and app, make an impact, then sell it.

Most people dislike the car buying experience, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We want to create an app that will change all that.

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