Shortlisted as ‘Tour Operator of the year’ for making the biggest impact in the market. Luxtripper has achieved growth of 47% referral rate and 19% repeat customers in 2015. [1]

Founded by entrepreneur Nena Chaletzos and partner Richard Chaletzos, the duo have delivered a scalable business model in an industry worth $7.5 trillion. Join the exciting journey!

  • Luxtripper uses proprietary technology to match travellers with comprehensive holiday packages that suit their unique interests.
  • We are using our search platform to give a combinations of 4- & 5-Star hotels, flights, tours, and other options to our users.
  • Our mission is to save millions of passionate traveller’s time searching for relevant travel options and accommodations using our proprietary tech, in an industry which continues to grow faster than global GDP.


The problem

There are too many independent steps to online planning and booking. Trying to find the perfect weather conditions combined with the right destination in the right property at the right price is like a needle in a haystack. To put this in perspective, last year, more than 1 billion trips were taken abroad with 80% booked online. Our research shows that for consumers this is equivalent to 17 billion web searches and 24 billion hours lost on something that should be simple, quick and easy.[13]


The solution

We are creating the best online user experience to help travellers find their perfect holiday options in seconds. The secret is to match travellers quickly and reduce inconvenience. We have built a patent pending ‘Where To Go When’ search engine. The user simply selects:

  1. The type of traveller they are
  2. The month and weather of travel
  3. The holiday experiences required
  4. View matched holiday results!

We search through all of the data and get results in matters of seconds, saving time and reducing the pain of searching the overwhelming data of online travel.



We have built tech that delivers speed of online search, based on personalisation. Our ‘Where To Go When’ is based on our own IP and algorithms, built and owned by Luxtripper. We are now set on scaling with our latest hotel categorisation engine (Hector).

Hector is taking over from humans and hand-picks hotels and experiences, based on preferences, for customers in seconds as opposed to hours. Meaning that we will add 1000’s of more hotels at speed whilst maintaining a flat cost basis.



We raised our first seed round on Crowdcube in Nov 2014 and were oversubscribed. Since then, we have achieved great traction and proven success:

  • Receiving more than £2m in value of monthly enquires (was £100k)
  • Multiple award nominations
  • Just over £1m in bookings to date
  • Ranked the UK’s #1 favourite travel brand on Facebook (Analysed by LikeAlyzer – August 2015)
  • 85k mailing list subscribers (was 3k)

The reason we are successful is because we are solving a major problem in travel booking.


Media and accolades – 2015

With the growth comes the PR! We have been featured in Bloomberg, Financial Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Conde Nast Traveller, The Gentlemen’s Journal, Asian Wealth Magazine, Skift, The World Travel Market and more! 

We have also been nominated as the ‘Best Tour Operator’ by Travolution, and ‘Best Luxury Travel Company’ by the British Travel Awards.

The industry is recognising Luxtripper as a serious new entrant to the market bringing tech and personalisation closer together to deliver the best online user experiences.



We’ve assembled an expierenced team to help us on the next stage of our journey. We’d love you to become part of the story our story too!

  • Richard Webb – Prev. CEO of the tech-venture firm Red Ocean, through which he successfully exited and IPO’ multiple start-ups.
  • Matt Youill –  Prev. CTO of Betfair which went from start-up to successfully listing on the LSA for £1.5billion.
  • Paul Devereux – Prev. CFO at Pacific Dunlop a highly diversified conglomerate, with extensive M&A experience.
  • Richard Chaletzos – Chairman at Luxtripper. Richard met Nena when they both worked at NYSE in 2006. Since then they have both travelled the world discovering new and exciting destinations. Richard shares the vision of Luxtripper, and supports the team in ensuring the plans are solid, identifying potential roadblocks and actively participates in decision making. 


Business model

Our current proven business model is packaging holiday components together and applies a profit mark-up to the sale. We are consistently beating our competitors on price as well as giving our customers added value such as free room upgrades, complimentary tours etc.

We also have huge value in our ‘Where to Go When’ and ‘Hector’ technology and data, which has massive future potential for IP and licensing that has not been accounted for in the forecast.



  • Our focus is firstly on the approx £5.5b UK luxury travel market (an estimation based on our research), and we believe we can easily achieve 1.5% market share within 4 years which represent £83m worth of bookings.(this does not include consideration for further revenue we can make from  licensing our tech and customer data).  
  • Our next step will be international expansion which is part of our growth strategy and we aim to have international presence as soon as we are sustainable and profitable [25] 
  • For every £200 spend, we are generating £1m in value of enquires. By increasing the marketing spend and introducing additional high yield low cost channels, we believe we will maintain a high ROI and scale our customer base exponentially.



Luxtripper is a new hybrid model combining technology with the expertise of a travel agent. We have a Patent pending on our ‘Where to Go When’ search engine, which we believe is first of its kind. It is compared to an online travel agent robot, giving people expert advice, finding them the best holiday and prices and saving them time and effort.

Compared to the 2 traditional models in the industry:

  1. The ‘Online Travel Agent’ model provides a market place for travellers to search at their own will to find a suitable option. This is a time consuming option for the traveller as they are required to do the research on things that would be important; weather, suitability of places to stay, destination and experiences before searching on their site and then booking.
  2. The ‘Travel Agent’ model saves the traveller time and effort. The travel experts will use their knowledge to match and tailor holiday packages to fit to the needs of the customer. This however relies on human processing and is a less scalable business model. 


Use of proceeds

We aim to focus our investment into our technology in the following areas:

  • 30% to fully automate ‘Hector’ and scale search results
  • 15% to launch online booking and price comparison
  • 25% for PR and Marketing
  • 20% cash flow
  • 10% additional staff

Shortlisted as ‘Tour Operator of the year’, Luxtripper uses proprietary technology to match travellers with luxury holiday packages to suit their unique interest.

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