We are a pop-culture driven media outlet with content geared specifically for a multi-ethnic demographic. We distribute this content across all your favorite platforms — web, mobile, print, and live events — to ensure you not only get the information you want, but consume it in the way you want.


Our print publication is already circulating on 1000s of national and international newsstands in bookstores like Barnes & Noble, and we’re now penning content and media partnerships with television networks, nonprofits and other complementary media brands.

Join us in the new wave of media!


Heed doesn’t aspire to anything as lofty as being the antidote for sensationalism, rather we simply voice the truth behind pop culture.

We have created a platform where both popular and unknown creatives are equally represented. We create content where stars are honored and up-and-comers are lauded. We are the voice of an emerging subculture.

By merging independent culture with mainstream coverage, we have created a brand that celebrates and supports diversity by embracing the multi-cultural texture of today’s society.


Our stories celebrate the person, talking about where they came from, how they got to where they are, struggles they had to overcome, and their message of hope.

At Heed Media, we are simply humans engaging with other humans. We’re not trying to fill you with fluff or bore you with data, but just deliver quality content that shines light on real life people in our diverse communities who are making a positive impact on the world.


Saoul Vanderpool, Founder / Chief Creative Officer
Saoul has 13 years of creative marketing and publishing experience, beginning as a creative services assistant for Black Entertainment Television and Reuters International, and later in creative positions at the headquarters of several national brands and ad agencies. Saoul earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland’s highly lauded Visual Arts program and his Masters Degree in Graphic Communication Management & Technology from New York University. His Master’s thesis, which focused on the relevancy of print against the demand for digital distribution, was selected for panel presentation before NYU’s advisory board members and his fellow peers.

John Taylor, Owner / Chief Operations Officer
John is an innovative nonprofit and business leader with more than 20 years of experience and accomplishments, including a proven ability to manage and motivate staff and volunteers. He is a consensus builder with comprehensive knowledge and applied experience in effective customer relationship management with a broad range of constituents. He is a superb presenter with strong oral and written communication skills, and a creative thinker with proven competency in initiative development and generating solutions and new approaches that create organizational success.

Keith Harvey, Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Harvey oversees the entire finance department of Heed Media. Before joining Heed, he was a financial consultant with Etonien working on a variety of accounting, finance, and internal audit/SOX related projects for startups, private-equity firms, and Fortune 500 companies, while concurrently operating his own accounting practice. Prior to that, he worked with AIG in the Corporate Controllers Department focused on pension/postretirement and stock compensation accounting and later in the Internal Audit Department, focused on auditing all of the corporate groups. Mr. Harvey has performed external audit stints with Big 4 (PwC) and regional accounting firms.

Seth Harris
Director of Partnerships, CNBC Digital

Kathy Presto
Kathy is a high-capacity business executive with more than 20 years of experience in strategic sourcing, vendor relations and supply chain management. She has a results-driven record of inspired leadership, team building, change management and operational excellence in a customer service intensive environment. She has particular expertise in procurement, strategic, financial and operational planning, vendor management and performance metrics, contract negotiations, program and project management, acquisition integration, process re-engineering, risk management and government and business relations.

Bonnie Blake
Bonnie advises clients on how to create, manage and measure the success of their brands through innovative communication campaigns. She has been a consultant to higher education and corporate leadership, marketing, admissions, student, alumni and industry communities to increase brand visibility, enrollment, retention, and successful career outcomes.

Clarence Brown
Clarence is the CEO at Heart & Soul magazine, a fitness health and wellness content company. As a trusted media source since 1993, Heart & Soul speaks directly to women providing timely information from leading wellness and physical fitness experts by providing fitness resources and cutting-edge health information to capture her mind, heart and soul.

Mr. Brown is also President of CB & Associates, a Virginia based consulting firm that specializes in magazines and custom publishing. Mr. Brown’s company has provided services to a variety of organizations such as the American Psychological Association (APA), The Greater Washington Urban league, The National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA), NBC Channel 4, the National Black Nurses Association, Minority Business, and Consumer Resource Directory.

Prior to starting his consulting firm, Mr. Brown was with Black Entertainment Television for 13 years as the Vice President of Operations and Associate Publisher for the BET Publishing Group. He was responsible for the launch of 3 magazines — Emerge, YSB, and BET Weekend.

Prior to his experience with BET, Mr. Brown was with Time magazine for 12 years where he held positions as International Production Manager, Manager for Special Advertising Sections, and Traffic Manager.

Collectively, Heed Media currently has around 20 employees on staff.


Our distribution channels are growing seemingly every day!

Heed Magazine is currently sold at 100s of Barnes & Nobles and traditional newsstand outlets throughout the US and Canada.

Video content is streamed on Dish Network and Verizon Fios via the UHETV channel.

Our app is currently in it’s conceptual stage. We recently commissioned app developer, Fueled.com, to develop an iOS beta version of the app by Q2 of 2016. Extention into other devices including Android, Apple TV, Roku ect. will be developed as the testing stage proves successful.



Working on a series of live music, art and culture based events, partnering with Livestream.com to allow guests to conduct live interviews. Warner Bros Music Group has also approached us for partnering on our live events.


More Partnerships
Heed is penning content and media partnerships with complementary media companies such as Magic Johnson owned Aspire TV and NPR subsidiary NYPR. Beginning in 2016, Heed Media will produce and distribute Aspire related content across our various platform. Warner Bros Pictures has also inquired about partnerships to promote upcoming films through giveaways, influencer screenings, and editorial pieces in the magazine.

We have also commissioned CirculationSpecialists.com to help with circulation CoMags for distribution.

Press Mentions


Corporate sponsorships and cause marketing campaigns will also be an important part of expanding our reach. We will pay particular attention to corporate constituents that have common community footprints in order to leverage synergies of social responsibility.

Our targeted corporate partners will include companies like Johnson & Johnson, Walmart, Wells Fargo, Johns Hopkins, United Way, mayoral offices along the east coast and educational partnerships, including public school systems and college campuses.

5 Things For 2016

1. Full app rollout
2. Gain market awareness at Alpha Collision Conference
3. Increase print distribution
4. Increase subscriptions by 200%
5. Several live events sponsored by notable brands

We are a pop-culture driven media outlet with content geared specifically for a multi-ethnic demographic. We distribute this content across all your favorite platforms — web, mobile, print, and live events — to ensure you not only get the information you want, but consume it in the way you want.
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Contact Information:
Saoul Vanderpool
John Taylor
Keith Harvey

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