99resale.com was founded to fill an enormous void in the timeshare industry. That void is an exit strategy. How is it that a multi-billion dollar industry has such an ease of entry if you want to buy a timeshare share but an unbelievingly difficult task if not almost impossible task if you try to sell your timeshare. The answer is not so simple, you see timeshare ownership is not like buying a home; they have similarities but are quite different in nature.

First of all, when you buy a timeshare you do not own the land or the master deed to the building so you can’t show your “timeshare” to potential buyers, instead you have to rely on marketing your listing on the internet to find buyers and you have to be able to sell your timeshare based on the pictures you post and the description you write about your timeshare.

Most timeshares are sold directly at the resort by the resort developers so, the most likely buyers of your secondary market timeshare will be couples who have visited the resort in the past or are inquiring about visiting this particular resort in the future. This is where we differ from our competitors.

When you list your timeshare for sale with www.99resale.com we will do targeted advertising campaigns that will specifically make your listing visible on the internet to anybody who is searching your specific resort, this form of targeted marketing will give you the best chance of selling your timeshare.

Our competitors invest 99% of their marketing budgets looking for listings because that’s how they generate revenue. We have a balanced approach spending half of our marketing budget looking for sellers and the other half looking for buyers for our clients. Our approach is second to none. This is why we have taken the timeshare secondary market by storm and have become a force to be reckoned within the industry. In addition to having a different marketing approach to find you buyers, we have a first of its kind approach to our fees.

All our competitors charge huge upfront fees with no guarantee that your timeshare will get sold. With us it is very simple you pay $99 per month until your timeshare is sold. You can cancel at anytime we do not lock you into any long term contracts and you have the freedom to decide if you are satisfied with the work we are doing in your behalf to market your timeshare. It’s really that simple. We work for you and you can fire us at anytime. Our marketing efforts speak for themselves and our only goal is to help you sell your timeshare. Thanks for taking your time to consider our company!


Industry is ripe for growth. Our business model is unique offering a subscription based approach. We have 40+ years of combined experience in sales & marketing.
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