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Hi, I’m A.J. Brockman, co founder and curator of The Brewhouse Gallery, Lake Park, Florida’s only art, coffee and craft beer experience and the driving force behind our campaign to revitalize the Kelsey Theater; Reviving an entire community!

What was once a successful indie film house and rock music venue will become an independently run, community-based, theater that focuses on bringing culture to the surrounding areas through film, music and the performing arts.

While Palm Beach County is known for its affluent theaters our venue will make such events a lot more accessible to a community that is less likely to attend stuffy art shows with expensive admissions. At a 500 person capacity our location fills a much needed niche and bridges the gap between much smaller and much larger clubs. The lobby would consist of a rotating gallery highlighting installation art from local artists and the venue will also act as a community space and a miniature convention center, hosting everything from an indoor green market (grown directly from the community garden feet away) to career fairs, to comic book conventions.


What We Need & What You Get

To achieve this, we need to raise $50,000 but we didn’t just dream this up last night, we’ve been working toward making this a reality for some time now. We also understand this is ambitious so we will be implementing our goals in $10,000 increments and stretch goals. 

We’ve done preliminary lighting and sound build outs as well as having a 3D render of the space already designed. What we need now is the capitol to execute these designs and make this a reality and we simply cannot do that alone. 

But this isn’t just about the satisfaction of making this dream a reality, we have designed our perks to make you, the contributor, a part of this space (Heck, with some of these perks you LITERALLY will be part of the space). Things like movie or show tickets, VIP packages, your name in our floor or a 3D scanned bust of your likeness in our lobby. One contributor could even name our theater, it’s all about how involved you want to be.



The Impact

In a single word, community, that is what this is all about. A venue like this not only serves those who live there but also draws in visitors from neighboring cities. As a result those people eat in our restaurants, shop in our stores and enable local businesses to thrive. Art, culture, entertainment and economic stimulation all under one roof.

Risks & Challenges

The risks are truly very minimal. First, we own the building where the theater is located so there is no risk of losing the space after the renovations are complete. Second, and I want to make this very clear, NONE of the money raised will be put toward employee salaries of any kind. This money is strictly for the physical costs of the build out, everything else we will take care of. We have built a “Dream Team” of dedicated individuals that are not only some of the most well-respected in their individual fields but truly want to be part of our mission and vision. 

As far as something like this succeeding, our best example is the Brewhouse Gallery. Located right next door to the theater, our growth has been phenominal and from speaking to those who visit us regularly I know the community is hungry for something like this to open up. The same people behind that are now behind making this new project something truly special.

Other Ways You Can Help

In addition to contributions we really need your help getting the word out. Word of mouth is always the best way for something like this to gain momentum so please take a moment to share this on your Facebook or Twitter. Tell people you know about what we are trying to do and where they can find out more. Together we can make this happen, and I look forward to seeing you all on opening day! 

Turning a vintage movie theater and rock venue with a rich past into a new performing arts center!

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