Quadras – Paperless Business Intelligence to Mitigate Risk and Lower Costs

Quadras is a global provider of enterprise consulting services, dedicated to identifying gaps in processes and building data technology to fill those gaps, with an aim to: 

Our fully customizable technologies have successfully been applied across a wide range of industries including Life Sciences/Pharma, Manufacturing & Distribution, Energy, and Healthcare. Our client list includes names like Eli Lilly, Merck, PAR, and Toyota just to name a few.

Quadras’ data collection solutions fuse efficiency with accuracy. The result has seen us double our revenue in the past year, gain major traction in the life sciences industry, and establish overwhelming demand that we currently can’t keep up with.

Read on to see how our data solutions work and what you can do to help turn overflowing demand into huge returns!


The problem we fix for businesses boils down to this: The issues related to paper-based form data collection for mobile workers are well-documented and very costly. Common issues include lost paper, illegible, inaccurate, or missing data, data entry/keying errors, and near-zero ability to monitor the data through the form lifecycle.

Quadras identifies these inefficiencies, improves service offerings and saves millions of dollars in the process. How?

By providing mobile workers with our innovative iCapture solution which simplifies data collection, eliminates missing data, and significantly reduces data entry errors through the use of familiar paper-like interfaces,  point of capture data validation and integration with existing systems. 

Here’s one example of how iCapture crushes paper:


Most organizations today spend an inordinate amount of time on data collection, data entry, validation, verification and re-inputting the information.

With iCapture, you can quickly and easily create secure enterprise class mobile data capture interfaces to be used on any device, anywhere. The collected data is validated then uploaded to your company’s existing backend system, saving exorbitant amounts of time and potential errors.

iCapture provides operational savings, increased efficiency, risk mitigation, and as an added benefit, you’re a green company now.

Direct Consulting / Enterprise Asset Management

This is our bread and butter. With the help of iCapture, we work directly with enterprises to help them integrate and customize data management and process workflows. iCapture either works as a standalone products or we use it as the base of a fully customized solution for your enterprise.

Our flagship integration product, iMaxCapture, brings all the power of the iCapture platform and combines it with our proprietary Maximo Adapter to create the best mobile data capture solution for IBM’s Maximo Enterprise Asset Management System in the industry.  While competing Maximo mobile solutions bring overly complex interfaces and very little in the way of data capture and process improvements, iMaxCapture brings simple, customizable interfaces and decades of combined experience with Maximo, data capture, and process improvement.

We have tremendous interest from companies like Toyota, McCarren Airport, ONEOK, Boeing, TXU, and GE Energy

The demand for our consulting services is off the charts. There has never before been a user friendly mobile solution that is truly interoperable and supports the enterprise. Until now. Until Quadras.

Life Sciences / Pharmaceutical

In the life sciences and pharmaceutical space, iCapture provides the data capture solutions for critical processes.  For example, in the highly regulated segment of pharma manufacturing, every data capture error cost significant dollars by way of investigation time, production downtime, lost product, and regulatory fines.  One iCapture customer was able to save millions by automating data capture for their product defect identification process.  The perfect fit of the iCapture solution, the expertise of our consultants, and the rapid ROI drove the customer to implement iCapture as the solution for critical data capture needs across the division as well as bring our Quadras consultants in full-time to support the still growing list of data capture projects.

As iCapture grows, so does the need for iCapture consultants, integration and implementation specialists, validation specialists, project managers, and developers.


Everyone in the healthcare industry will want to know iKare. iKare is an iCapture adaptation specifically geared toward healthcare that can disrupt how data is managed in healthcare market. 

iKare: Better patient care, improved patient cycle time, reducing operating costs, eliminating errors, ICD9 to ICD10 real time conversion along with seamless data integration that supports your EMR mandates.

iCapture has already achieved tremendous results for major corporations. To borrow a phrase, what can iCapture do for you?


While iCapture gets all the glory, iAsset is working behind the scenes to make it look good.  This tech uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to transmit the data collected by iCapture. The two systems are tied together, providing all employees with real-time access from any device.

You could could be walking around with a tablet, for example, click on a certain asset, and get real-time reports on how that asset is performing or what the latest maintenance update is.

iAsset allowed Merck to tag all their lab assets. They now know exactly how many calibration tools they have and where they are within the lab.

Similarly, Eli Lilly tagged people because they wanted to know where all of their employees were at a given time. They now know exactly when someone walks in and leaves and where they are heading.


We make the transition from paper to glass as smooth as possible for all of our clients. Quadras offers completely tailored solutions for each enterprise. To further save you time and headache, we keep the business intelligent data dashboard you already have and simply integrate our customized solution to your specific needsand current tech.  

In other words, unlike many other data consultants, we are hardware agnostic. Whatever you got, we can Quadras-ize.

Our professional consulting service provides a very hands-on approach right from the beginning helping you identify the current gaps in your data capture processes and planning out a custom solution for you not forcing an off the self system to fit your unique needs.

Through both our tech and consulting, Quadras delivers:


Quadras has several large Fortune 500 customers: Eli Lilly, Merck, PAR, Toyota, and NASA. Other major pharmaceutical and energy companies have strong interest as well: Johnson & Johnson, Biogen, and Novartis.

These customers provide us with year over year recurring revenue. We have been with Eli Lilly for over 5 year now. We are on pace to double our revenue from 2014 when we pulled in $1.2 million.

We have also established partnerships with IBM, Accenture, and Deloitte Consulting. These partnerships are for long term projects mostly, but these companies also come to us for resources when they talk to clients about RFID or mobility.

These strategic partners are key for our global growth. Currently, we have several partners worldwide, from the Latin America to Europe to Asia.

Quadras is certainly on rise. With our two flagships products — iCapture and iAsset — fully developed and in use, we are currently focused on building more tools and onboarding more clients. 2015 is a fundraising stage to propel those goals. With your help, we can secure contracts from the highest complexity data companies. To get the best product, these companies will pay top rate, delivering bigger value to us and our investors.

Please see the Business Plan tab of these profile for full funding details and specifics of our future products. Also, if you have a subscription to NEXUS Pharmaceutical Magazine, check out the feature done on us in the July 2015 issue.


Ken has over 25 years of sales experience, having worked for companies such as UPS, Deloitte Consulting, Computer Science Corporation (CSC), and SAIC in a VP or Director of Sales capacity. In 2007, Ken started his own business CSG Inc., where he oversaw all sales, marketing, strategy, and partnership activities. CSG later was changed to Quadras LLC. Ken has a degree in Marketing from Ohio University and an MBA International Business from Xavier University.

Joel brings over a decade of mobile data capture experience to the Quadras team. The arc of his technology career began with IBM’s ThinkPad division as a team lead and developer. With a desire to follow the new 2004 trend of tablet computing, Joel joined a small software startup focused on tablet PC data collection. As a man of many hats, he moved between implementation, support, training, project management, and sales, eventually landing as the Director of Support & Training where he served until 2013. His cross-industry experience makes him a natural fit to drive technology growth within Quadras.

Chris is a goal-oriented professional consultant, leading corporate reliability based maintenance business development and direction in multiple industries. His expertise includes regulatory compliance, reliability maintenance processes, standards development, and inventory management.

Dave has over 16 years of technical experience across software development, system and application integration, and enterprise asset management. He has worked for companies such as Xerox, Lockheed Martin, and PSCU Financial Systems, and consulted with clients such as the U.S. Army Materials Systems division, CSX and TTX within the railroad industry, and CCDOA and ABIA airports. Dave has a Computer Science degree from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Mickey is a Certified Deployment professional in Maximo version 6.2. He has participated in dozens of, and managed several, Maximo implementation projects in multiple versions ranging from 3.x to 7.x. With over 25 years experience in the supply chain management, logistics and information technology fields, he provides project management, business process reengineering, change management, organizational analysis, and systems analysis and design for a variety of clients.

Mark is an operations executive with broad experience in strategic operations planning and oversight, and leading diverse teams of software development professionals to industry-leading solutions. He has demonstrated experience with startups, small businesses, and large corporate operations. He is experienced in creating and implementing proposals for increasing technical quality and efficiency, improving profitability, procuring venture capital, and streamlining operations.

 David has a wealth of knowledge in the industry, with over 25 years experience in several areas including sales, leasing, and marketing. As co-founder/co-CEO of LeaseNet, David most recently established business operations for all aspects of the technology leasing and OEM reselling business. He co-authored and executed a strategic business plan that grew the start-up business from zero to $100MM in sales in less than seven years.

Mr. Rouff brings 25 years of senior level leadership and portfolio manager experience with an extensive background in managing successful portfolios across business and technical teams. He offers a unique blend of demonstrated program management expertise, business integration, and software development knowledge across the life sciences, healthcare, and retail industries.

Ed has consulted for 20+ years for life sciences clients related to regulatory compliance. His core expertise lies in system implementation and validation, as well as data management and analytics. He also has hands-on experience with validation strategy and IT governance related to new architectures including Cloud, SaaS, and SOA based systems.

Quadras’ data collection solutions fuse efficiency with accuracy. The result has seen us double our revenue in the past year, gain major traction in the life sciences industry, and establish overwhelming demand that we currently can’t keep up with.
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