ClaimPay* brings a doctors most needed resources to the table. We set out to increase profitability, with 10% to 35% more claims paid. Bringing accounts receivable up while decreasing accounts payable, allowing growth within the company and community. By effectively managing the revenue cycle we get the Doc paid.

These procedures include: Working directly with the insurance company. healthcare providers, and patients to get a claim processed and paid with in the minimum time expected.

As well as, handling all aged and collection accounts to insure balance is paid in full, with little write off’s and with analytical report, showing the differences ClaimPay* has on your bank account. This allows the Physician more time to preform the quality care needed and is less of a hassle for the HR department.

ClaimPay* is dedicated to the management of the revenue cycle of any medical specialty, office, or clinic looking to outsource billing to a third party company
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