Korner is the first home security system that anyone can use and everyone can afford.

Our sleek, simple, minimal-hardware home security system:

Setup  Aways in Korner couldn’t be easier:

When Korner detects an intruder in your home, the Fob will let out a piercing screech to ward off the intruder and alert you if you are in your home (sleeping, for example). At the same time, the system will send an alert to your smartphone, and allow you to instantly foward the alert with a push of a button to friends, family and neighbors.  You can pre-populate this ‘Security Circle’ during setup from the contacts in your phone.


The cornerstone of Korner’s innovation its patent-pending Tag. Unlike traditional home security sensors that come in two pieces—one piece on the door or window, the other on the frame—the unique combination of sensors in our Tags allows for a sleek one-piece design that works better and installs easier than any other home security sensor on the market. 

The Korner Tag…

Looks better
Our unique design consumes less power, which means smaller batteries, and a smaller Tag. Plus it’s all one piece—no more fumbling with pairing and aligning—and its contoured shape blends nicely with the surrounding frame!

Works better
Our tags can more effectively discern between vibrations and actual entry, meaning fewer false alarms!

Applies more easily
Stick them snugly into the corner of a door or window, then pop them off and put them in your pocket when you move!

Technology validated by the Industry
Some of the biggest players in the residential and commercial security industries have requested to license Korner’s Tag technology, and have already tested and confirmed that the technology works.


Once the Korner fob is plugged into your router and the Korner tags are snugly at home in your doors and windows, the last piece of the Korner puzzle is the App, which acts as a centralized hub to give you total control over your Korner system and settings:

Receive Alerts
When your Korner alarm is triggered, you will instantly receive an alert on your smartphone that includes two buttons: one to call the police, the other to forward the alert to your Security Circle (friends, family and neighbors).

Set Contacts
Build your Security Circle by adding friends, family and neighbors to your Korner app from the contacts on your phone.  Members of your Security Circle can be notified immediately upon on intrusion, or only when you forward them an alert.

Arm and Disarm Remotely
Arm and disarm your Korner security system through the app from anywhere you have smartphone reception. You can also set an Arm/Disarm schedule so the system will automatically arm and disarm around your regular working hours.

Monitor Batterly Levels
Check battery levels within each Tag at any time, and get automatic notifications when the batteries reach critical levels, plus a one-button option to order replacements.

Neighborhood Watch – Engaging your Community
Over time, The Security Circle’s basic messaging functionality will allow Korner users to communicate anything relevant to their community, evolving into a more comprehensive Neighborhood Watch app. 


Once upon a time, you needed to be earning six figures to be able to afford a home security system. At Korner, we believe home security shouldn’t be a luxury: it should be something that anyone and everyone can access. At just $59 up front and $39 per year, Korner makes home security an affordable option for a broad range of budgets and lifestyles, including:


Budget-conscious homeowners


Vacation home renters and owners

Traveling workers

A huge part of the Korner mission is to bring home security to those who need it most, but could never previously afford it.


There’s no denying that home automation is the frontier of technology innovation: just think about the meteoric rise of Nest and Dropcam, or the incredible success of such companies as Plum and Zuli here on Fundable. Korner is positioned to stand alongside these and other mega-successful companies on the front lines of the home automation revolution.

We’ve seen some amazing success so far, and it’s all laying the groundwork for even bigger and better things to come:

At the beginning of June, we wrapped up asuccessful campaign on Indiegogo. In just 45 days, we raised $420,000 in pre-orders from 3100 backers who believe in Korner and are excited to become our very first customers.

The prototype Korner system is fully built, and has been tested by experts in the home security industry. We are in the process of patenting our innovations, and have received requests from many major residential and commercial security providers to license our technology.

People outside the home security industry are starting to take notice too: since the end of our Indiegogo campaign, a leading US big box retailer and software titan have both asked Korner to be part of their automated home initiatives, and a leading insurance company has asked to market our product to their policy holders and offer a premium discount.

As we set our sights on the future, Korner is excited to get our product into production, in preparation for a Q1 2015 commercial debut.



Steve Hollis – CEO
Steve started out as an electronics manufacturing engineer. He is most recently with Amazon in AWS cloud services, and was previously with their Retail Operations group. In the interim, he was a banker covering communications technologies firms, ranging from early stage startups to large publicly traded companies. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

Chris Doughty – Director, Electrical Engineering
Chris’ experience as an Electrical Engineer includes work with the original Xbox game controller, industrial and appliance controls, and solid state laser research. More recently he was the Director of Electrical Engineering at X2 Biosystems, where he led the design and development of a radio telemetry system for monitoring head impacts to athletes. He has a BS and MS from the University of Washington in Electrical Engineering.

Jed McCann – Director, Mechanical Engineering
Jed’s background is in mechanical engineering and manufacturing. For close to 2 decades he has worked in product development, helping to launch everything from wearable health devices to satellites. Jed has held a number of roles, including Director of Product Development at X2 Biosystems, that designed a wireless, MEMS-based product to detect concussions for athletes. He has an MS in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Stanford.

Robert Snook – Director, Software Engineering
Rob is a veteran Firmware Engineer who has developed products such as head-mounted displays, hospital glucose meters, a 3-D charting platform, Xbox peripherals, optical tracker gaming mice, instrumented sports mouth guards, and a micro-fluidics lab platform. Most recently, he was the Director of Software Engineering at X2 Biosystems writing software to track sports helmet impact telemetry from player to cloud. He has a BS in Physics and Astronomy from the University of Washington.

When Korner detects an intruder in your home, the Fob will let out a piercing screech to ward off the intruder and alert you if you are in your home (sleeping, for example).
See Campaign: https://www.fundable.com/korner
Contact Information:
Steve Hollis
Chris Doughty
Jed McCann
Robert Snook

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