Our aim is to visualize history, from the ground up with the best resources on the planet. But not just simple paintings, engravings, that sort of thing, but data itself. Connecting books like Ancestry.com connects people: The Geneology of Ideas. We’ve started with the web, building our content and ideas there, next comes the ability to source places in real-time, as a means to associate those real-world places with the digital ecosystem coming over the horizon in Virtual Reality.

We start with web-built books, for traditional and mobile siplays, then a hereditary book ecosystem, casual clothes, that can link to books, places, other people, creating a meta-economy that they are apart of and we help distribute. Then we approach hard data-science problems by tagging different types of information on a pre-rendered color-schema. With users now familiar with our lingo, environment, and reputation, they will be able to navigate with a new filtration system, not only our content, but any content. We then populate this art-based visualization with our data-based visualization to create new entertaining experiences, leveraged through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to truly bond the internet as a search service tool through story-telling, with the real world, thus creating a truly 360 degree integrated learning experience, all the while pulling people into a community that is creating SME’s – learners teaching learners. Modular content inspiring imaginations like never before.

We’ve now bonded the systems of content, with distribution, with entertainment, with tool-availability, with social and subject-matter-expertise availability.

And we have now re-engineered the concept of a school/university. Incredibly affordable learning and doing eco-systems that have the ability to be experienced almost anywhere with anyone.

The average person will have hyper-access to a pool of seemlessly verifiable and thrilling information, to both use and share; to be a part of.A place of pure creative learning and doing. Sharing and Experiencing. Uncovering and Discovering.

People will learn history by becoming history.

Imagine having access to books, textbooks, that grow, update, and improve like software, but at no additional cost to the reader, but also leveraging our visual content to be built for Augmented Reality, Oculus, Glass, Hololens to create fully realized and scaled visual experiences for the next generations of content? Imagine if we could have a school all around us, at any given time, diminishing the current costs of education by 100x? This is the solution Pro-paganda Media is building.

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