Arizona Urban Organic Veggie LLC: Fresh, nutritious, organic, and delicious – if only everything we ate was this incredible

Fresh, nutritious, organic, and delicious – if only everything we ate was this incredible.

We’re setting up our first shop in Arizona, but have the ability and intentions to quickly grow and scale – evidenced by $8,000,000 in pre-sales already.  Grab your green thumb and join us!


Delicious and healthy?  There’s two words you don’t see side by side every day.  Finding nutritious food that we enjoy is a daily battle for so many people – and one that we’re losing all too often.

But consistency in the organic arena is so hard to attain.  Most food isn’t produced naturally and isn’t locally grown, requiring nutrition-zapping transportation that leads to an even more substandard end product.  These foods are less healthy, fresh, and delicious than their organic counterparts, and those that are organic are way too expensive for the average consumer to consistently buy.

Industry trends are also pointing to a glaring need for local, organic food availability.  Restaurants are placing an increasing emphasis on farm-to-table and non-GMO menu items.  Retailers, especially Wal-Mart, are expanding their grocery offerings to include a greater selection of organics.  Our government is even getting in on the act, enacting new food regulations this year that include increased food labeling and food marketing restrictions.


Fear not, hungry consumers – eating both healthily and deliciously at a reasonable price is now a reality.  Arizona Urban Organic Veggie is making organic food harvesting local and affordable for the everyday consumer.  Through our partner organization, PureHarvests Foods, we’ve obtained an exclusive Arizona license to the GrwoGreen Urban Farm and their non-seasonal hydroponically grown local organic vegetable production system.

Together, we’re committed to developing innovative solutions to meet the rapidly growing consumer demand for safe, local, healthy, and sustainably-produced food.  We will grow vegetables – mainly lettuce – both locally and organically, getting them on retailers’ shelves within two days and at a very reasonable price.  Speaking of retailers, their support is already lined up.  We’ve obtained letters of interest from giants like Wal-Mart for over $8 million in sales right away – all that’s needed is the completed construction of our growing facility.

Growing will take place within the confines of our Arizona farm and available to local markets, but PureHarvests isn’t stopping there.  Arizona is just the first state; the business model is very scalable and will be replicated in other states in the near future – with more investment opportunities popping up.  Here are more reasons that make us scalable and able to quickly build local food trust:


Our GrwoGreen Urban farm uses the most innovative and proprietary growing technologies.  The magic lies in hydroponics – with patented modular hydroponic container building construction providing us the sustainable controlled environment we need for optimum growing.  We can build complete 3-story farms (42,000 square feet) in less than four weeks.

Indoors, we utilize a proprietary system of controlled LED lighting along with a 95% efficiency in the use of water per head of lettuce.  Our growing equipment makes all environmental controls remotely sensed – including water PH, nutrient balance, air movement, and temperature –  giving us a decisive advantage in local vegetable production.  Also, production rates, energy costs, and other vital metrics are tracked with detailed production analytics that help to maintain our high level of performance standards.

And, we keep the train moving – all products are shipped and harvested in the same day to guarantee freshness.  Our facility can produce up to 2,000,000 pounds per unit in a year.  Harvesting on a weekly schedule with each container rotating through every two weeks, we can grow and harvest around 9,000 plants every two weeks – which meets out Wal-Mart demand.  Butter lettuce, leaf redlettuce, leaf green lettuce, and baby romaine are our current four primary offerings.


At Arizona Urban Veggie, when we see something we like, we go for it – and we’re moving fast to execute our grand vision.  Though we were only established in early 2015, we quickly secured our Arizona license with PureHarvests Foods and GrwoGreen Urban Farm.  Since then, we’ve been very hard at work getting facilities and infrastructure set up as big revenues await.  Check out some of our top accomplishments in just a year in business:

We’re exclusively licensed.  Under our exclusive-to-Arizona license, we get a turnkey construction of the GrwoGreen Urban Farm and all of the training for operations with product market management.

Retailers and revenues are waiting.  We’ve been busy canvassing a majority of the local retailers, restaurants, and direct marketers.  Wal-Mart, Kroger, Whole Foods, Sprouts, and others have produced letters of interest, securing $8 million in pre-sales for us right away.


Tried and true.  The GrwoGreen Urban Farm and its hydroponic processes have been fully tested and confirmed, with growing data tested by our partners Sonneteck.

Partnerships are secured.  We recently signed partnership agreements with ASU and Sonneteck 2015 for extensive R&D.  Sonneteck is a JV partner with PureHarvests Foods in the design, development, and manufacturing of the proprietary GrwoGreen Urban Farm.

We’re self-funded.  Our founding team has skin in the game.  We have self-finance of cash and in-kind contributions of around $750,000 to date.

And, there’s so much more ahead of us!  Please request access to our Fundable Business Plan for information on our future development plan.



Like so many others, our Founder and CEO, Timothy Amlaw, was recently inspired to take on a more nutritional diet that includes more vegetables.  But his “get healthy” story isn’t like all the others.  Tim’s changes came from suffering a surprise heart attack – a life-altering event that would also inspire the creation of Arizona Urban Veggie.

Prior to this venture, Tim served as VP of the American Humane Association’s “American Humane Certified” farm animal welfare program – driving it to the top organization of its kind in the world.  His immeasurable levels of farming experience and expertise make him an ideal CEO for Arizona Urban Veggie, where his responsibilities include heading up strategic design and corporate relations.  Tim is supported by a world-class trio of supply chain management and hydroponic production experts, introduced below:

Currently the CEO of Sonneteck, Moin and his company are giants in the vertical agricultural growth market.  He’s also racked up over 20 patents and publications during his impressive career.  With wide-spanning specialties that include LED and project management, Moin will serve as head of manufacturing for GrwoGreen Urban Farms.

Our founding farmers are backed by a capable Board of Advisors.  The quartet consists of industry leaders in farming and sustainability and experts in marketing and business development.

Fresh, nutritious, organic, and delicious – if only everything we ate was this incredible.
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