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As Urbanists and Technologists, we started thrdPlace because we see there is a massive need and opportunity to connect the resources of our community to improve the places that we all consider to be our home.

Until now, there has been no single place where we can all be leaders or followers in an effort to create the change we seek…together. 84% of consumers believe companies should be supporting their local communities and 91% of consumers are willing to switch loyalty based on causes they support. Yet, 71% of consumers are confused by what organizations are doing in their communities.

Each year, Individuals and organizations alike invest millions of dollars and volunteer hours to engage local communities. Now on thrdPlace, we can all use a data driven, community-centric platform to connect with friends and neighbors as well as local and international organizations to do just that.

thrdPlace is:

1.A SaaS platform that provides the tools for organizations to measure or track the value created by their investment and then re target their efforts.

2.A community organizing platform for citizens to activate the resources they know exist in their neighborhoods, connect with organizations with aligned motivations and improve their shared communities.


Whole Foods used thrdPlace software to manage its annual Employee Volunteer Week across the entire footprint of its brand. Over 250 employee-led Dream Projects were created to improve and support local communities. In total, 3,000 volunteers joined to support projects and shared their experience with user generated content and engagement across social channels. The campaign was a great success with Dream projects popping up across the US, Canada, and even the UK!

Beautify Earth, a national non-profit, used thrdPlace software to support its mission to bring murals to cities and towns across the U.S. On thrdPlace local artists became advocates for social good on behalf of Beautify Earth. From 1 mural project: 24 supporters shared 98 social posts that generated 81,113 inspired impressions. Artists were able to promote their ideas, raise resources directly from the community, and work together to make their dream of beautifying their community a reality.

Benefit Corporations, or “B Corps,” are using thrdPlace in a national campaign to engage local communities. The “BtheChange” campaign will mobilize their 1,200 B Lab members to collaborate with local non profits on civic projects. B Corps follow a certification process that ensures the companies conduct their business in a sustainable way. Their activity on thrdPlace is a way to raise funds, supplies and volunteers as well as share the story of how they marry profit with purpose.


thrdPlace is a digital network that provides crowdsourcing and management tools to communities and their stakeholders to engage, discover and mobilize around local projects.

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