Zoom and Point or “ZAP” Video Messages change how you communicate with customers, colleagues, friends and family by enabling you to use your smartphone to rapidly create and share video messages that combine your photos, voice narration and touchscreen gestures.  ZAP technology powers this new form of communication. Creating and sharing personalized powerful video messages has never been this easy.

A ZAP Video Message can be made in about the same time it takes to view it. We use this cutting-edge technology to power dozens of mobile apps, each serving a different market and user base. Some change how realtors interact with their clients, some simply streamline communication between parents and their kids. However it’s used, ZAP video messages have the potential to change the way people and businesses communicate.


Video is a tremendously powerful medium. It conveys more information in less time than any other communication format.

Perhaps that’s why 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every single hour.

Or why The Guardian says that “online video is the future of content marketing.”

Video gets results, especially in business:

But if video is so superior, why are text and email still the dominant forms of communication?

Because video is hard.

Or, it was before ZAP.


ZAP harnesses the power of video messaging, but without the complexity of traditional video creation.

The result is a new kind of message that eliminates ambiguity from communication.

Why is that a big deal?

Think about how easy it is to misunderstand a text or an email, even when photos are included. Without context, we often convey (or misinterpret) the wrong message.

But if someone were standing right next to you, watching you zoom into and point out details in your photos while talking about them, you’d have no problem relaying exactly what you mean to say.

That’s what ZAP does. It recreates that experience, getting your point across quickly and accurately, from any mobile device, to anyone, in any language, anywhere in the world.

ZAP Video Messages combines the ease of speaking with the sophisticated technology of touch zooming and pointing and the speed and ubiquity of email, text, or Facebook.


ZAPs are an easy, convenient way to make powerful, personalized messages for clients, for customer support, for eBay listings, or for… well, anything.

Here’s how it works:

Start a ZAP Video Message by selecting pictures already on your phone, or take pictures on the fly from directly within the app.

Press “Record” to start voice narration and photo interaction.

Speak your message, swiping between photos to change them and let your message recipient know what you’re referencing.

While recording, you can zoom to show more detail and simply tap the screen to create a live pointer that will highlight or emphasize what you’re talking about, just as you would if you were showing someone on your phone.

When you’re finished with the video message, just tap the share button and share it as you would normally: through text, email, Facebook, or virtually any other method you use to send messages or share video.

ZAP Applications
ZAP is the underlying technology that we at Jigsaw use to create apps for very specific markets in a very cost-effective manner. Making specific ZAP Apps lets us tailor the app to meet particular user needs, and lets us efficiently market to a select audience, which saves advertising and marketing dollars and enables us to obtain a meaningful user base for each app.  Currently, we have an app for realtors (REclarity), one for eBay sellers (ZAP-EB), and one for consumers to message friends and family (Pingz). In all, we plan to release two consumer apps and four business apps per year, all powered by ZAP.


Jigsaw was founded in 2012, and we’ve done some pretty cool things in just three years. We launched ZapVM, our first-generation ZAP technology app, in March 2014, and Pingz, our consumer iOS app that features our second generation ZAP technology, in February 2015.

In July last year, we launched our first industry-specific app at the Inman Real Estate Technology Conference in San Francisco. Dubbed REclarity, the app allows realtors to show properties to prospective clients from anywhere in the world by creating a listing video message in about three minutes. Based on second-generation ZAP technology, REclarity is already gaining traction in the real estate and property management market and is making waves through our Private Label program, which allows real estate firms to use REclarity with their own branding.

And that’s just the beginning. We have dozens of apps in the planning stages, all of which will bring ZAP technology to a new vertical market with an industry-specific app. We’re thinking big: ZAP for customer support, ZAP for recipes, ZAP for portfolios, ZAP for consumer reviews, even ZAP for prayer.

Want to hear more about ZAP’s big plans? Click the “business profile” tab at the top of this page to find out what else we have in store.


Ross brings more than 30 years of experience to Jigsaw, including executive management, marketing and business development experience.

A recognized expert in consumer electronics, fabless semiconductors, mission-critical and real-time embedded and safety-critical systems and software among many, many other fields, Ross has served as a co-founder and executive management roles at 3dfx, Quantum3D and RADX Technologies. He’s also served in executive or senior management roles at Bruker Nanosurfaces, Soft Machines, Inc., Rapport, Inc., Media Vision, Pellucid, Silicon Graphics, MIPS Technologies, Tracor, Atlantic Research and Ford Aerospace. He’s won many industry awards, including the Frost & Sullivan Lifetime Achievement Award for Innovation.

Joan brings deep media technology innovation experience to the Jigsaw team across video and sound engineering, film and TV production and post-production, video game development, real-time 3D graphics, and technology journalism and publishing. She’s co-founded several media and tech-related companies, including SharkWerks, Mango Grits, SharkyExtreme.com and Xatrix Entertainment. She’s also an award-winning game producer and a featured speaker, writer and journalist. 

Tom has more than 20 years of experience in hi-tech finance and accounting. Serving as a senior finance executive at leading Silicon Valley companies for the past ten years, Tom has worked in semiconductors, wireless communications, networking, visual computing and computer electronics. 

A seasoned marketer and graphic designer, Rob has experience with startups, visual simulation and training, financial services, video games and real estate. He’s worked with 3Dfx Interactive, Abandon Mobile, ASM Pacific, Exponential Technologies and Techfarm Ventures, among others.

Jen’s background as an educator in the English language and literature, combined with an MBA in Marketing and MIS give her unique talents ideally suited to develop and foster Jigsaw community. 

With a Master’s in Software Engineering from Santa Clara University, Matt has demonstrated success in implementing complex, performance-sensitive mobile apps.  Matt is responsible for the implementation of Jigsaw’s market and application-specific ZAP mobile apps, based on features and enhancements provided by Jigsaw’s Development Partners. 

In today’s development world, using partners often makes both economic and technical sense, since their utilization can be scaled with product and business needs.  Jigsaw leverages two key development partners for advanced feature implementation, and other efforts, that are well ahead of the critical path for product deployment.    

Bluestone Technology GmBH provides deep knowledge and experience in product incubation, custom software solutions and requirements management. Located in Worrstadt, Germany, other clients include Samsung SDS, Cognizant and SYSGO.

Code Particle, Inc. is an advanced web and mobile application development studio founded in 2008 in Venice, CA. They are responsible for several successful iPhone applications with sophisticated cloud back-ends including Viddy, the video social network app. Other advanced projects include the Call of Duty Elite website for Activision, the Tap Your Green project for GE Ecomagination and the Honda CRZ Arcade Game.

Zoom and Point or “ZAP” Video Messages change how you communicate with customers, colleagues, friends and family by enabling you to use your smartphone to rapidly create and share video messages that combine your photos, voice narration and touchscreen gestures. ZAP technology powers this new form of communication. Creating and sharing personalized powerful video messages has never been this easy.
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