Over a billion bottles of beer are drank every day. After water and tea, beer is the third most consumed beverage in the world. Why is there not a machine that allows people to brew their own beer?

That’s why we created Brewbot, a robot that brews beer. Brewbot is a smart brewing appliance that is controlled and monitored by your phone. 

Brewbot is democratizating brewing by creating the largest distributed brewery – on a scale of any global brewery, but powered by the community.


Brewbot, a smart brewery.

Brewbot uses sensor technology to track and automate the brewing process. Everything can be monitored from the palm of your hand so you can understand what is happening and why.

Brewbot gives brewers a set of tools for creativity, experimentation and discovery. It’s the best assistant you could ask for.

Brew your favorite beers on Brewbot.

Create recipes or brew beers like Pliny the Elder and Ruination Double IPA. Nearly 40 world-renowned brewers are distributing their beer digitally with Brewbot’s “App Store of Beer”.

Not only that, Brewbot knows what ingredients are needed, and can ship them to your door.

The ultimate brewing environment

Brewing beer requires a precise amount of water, specific temperatures and associated times; Brewbot takes care of this for you so that you can brew great tasting beer each and every time.


A window into the process.

The app guides you through the process from start to finish. It gives you a nudge when there’s something to do so you’ll never miss a thing.

Beer is best when it’s shared.

It’s time to gather your friends, family and co-workers to enjoy your very own beer.

Make Brewbot your own.

Everyone has different tastes, and that doesn’t just apply to beer. Brewbots are customizable allowing you to add your own personality.


Brewbot, the world’s largest distributed brewery.

Brewbot is a distributed network of brewers. We are putting Brewbots and Brewbot technology in homes, offices, bars, restaurants, even full-scale breweries. 

This community of brewers can work together, even compete, to make the best possible beers. Brewbot is an ecosystem for beer. 

Our data format for the production of beer enables the digital distribution of beer, and by incoporating a revenue share into the supply of ingredients, brewers can benefit without even shipping a bottle. 


Available to order

Units are starting to leave our headquarters in Northern Ireland on February 9th. They are not only heading into peoples homes but world renowned breweries, bars and restaurants, and leading technology companies. 

You can now buy a Brewbot!


Kind Words

From Brazil to China, Brewbot has captured the world’s imagination as the future platform for the production of beer. 


We have been backed by the same investors who have invested in Uber, Fitbit and MakerBot.


A team who love to brew.

Brewbot is a team of beer lovers that have built over 60 commercial breweries, and have shipped hardware and software that have revolutionized industries. 


The same designers and engineers who brought other game changing products to life at places like Tesla, Apple, Dyson, IDEO, ProductHunt, and Airbnb, are working on Brewbot.

A bar fueled by Brewbots.

On the ground floor of Brewbot HQ in Belfast, we have a successful bar that’s open to the public. It celebrates the versatility of beer—with over 300 beers on the shelves—it is used to A/B test the beers we brew for the Brewbot platform before they are shared with the community.

Brewbot uses sensor technology to track and automate the brewing process. Everything can be monitored from the palm of your hand so you can understand what is happening and why.
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