We supply a network of benefit auctioneers, partnered with charities and nonprofits across America, who have come together to offer premium destination packages that suit a variety of interests.

Our bestselling destinations include the quaint towns of Kinsale and Killarney in Ireland, as well as Roma del Mar, Costa Rica, and our newest destination, the ultra-exotic Cuba.

With over 75 properties in 26 sought after locations across 18 countries, The WOW Factor is the premier provider of luxury vacations with the added bonus of a great social cause.

We have grown rapidly since our start in 2011, but that growth is set to grow exponentially in the near future with the purchase of more properties in even more exotic locations around the globe. Where exactly are we headed next? Read on to find out more!


Benefit auctioneers join The WOW Factor because of our unique and exciting product range, and the added pizzazz and sexy factor that comes along with it. Offering an exclusive trip to an exotic destination is a surefire way to up the intrigue and fundraising capabilities of your next auction.

Within our target market, there are no two greater desires than exclusive trips to exotic destinations and contributing to charitable causes. At The WOW Factor, we combine them into one unique offering.

Until now, WOW Factor properties have been rented by us for our guests, but our success over the past four years has allowed us to start purchasing properties. This will enable us to customize our offerings even more, add major benefits to the properties, and create better margins for everyone — us, auctioneers, and charities — we all win!

No other company is able to provide charities with auctionable products quite as desirable or sexy. Our premium destinations are highly desired and are almost always the single biggest revenue generator at an auction. Payment to charities happens instantaneously that night and often leads to repeat buyers/donators. People love WOW Factor trips and have time and time again come back to bid on more.


So where exactly can a WOW Factor trip take you? Sample destinations include:


When you place the winning bid on a WOW Factor destination, you’re getting accommodations and a live host.  Our 75 properties each come with a personal manager who will also be your concierge and friend as you explore a beautiful new country. Even before you arrive, your local host will email you to help you start planning activities and day trips.

Most WOW Factor accommodations can sleep between 4-12 people and are yours for 6-7 nights. Bring your friends, enjoy a beautiful new land, get local advice, and relax knowing that while you’re having the time of your life, you’ve also done your part in helping less fortunate people around the world as well.

At the risk of sounding too infomercial-y… Wait, there’s more!

In  2016/17, we aim to purchase at least four more exotic properties, further establishing The WOW Factor as a key provider of ultimate travel experiences. In addition to the many great options we already have, auctioneers will soon be able to offer exclusive properties in Machu Picchu, Peru, The Maltese Islands in the southern Mediterranean, and Oxford and Stratford in the UK.


We have become extremely popular among both auctioneers and charities alike. Auctioneers love us because our destinations are almost always the highest revenue producing product in the auctions in which we participate. Charities love us because our 50/50 sale price split creates a much better fundraising option than anyone else. With WOW Factor, charities can earn double or even triple the amount they could with similar trips offered by other companies.

This success has led to a auctioneer network of 23. Currently, our distribution is exclusively through these partner auctioneers, but starting in 2016, we will aggressively explore new distribution revenues:

In other words, we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of our reach and potential. The good news? You have the option to get involved now, before we reach astronomical heights!

We will also be buying new properties in Cuba, Machu Picchu, Peru, The Maltese Islands, and Oxford and Stratford in the UK. We will continue to expand our product range throughout 2020. Make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile to see how you can get involved!


“WOW Factor offers the opportunity to stay in private homes, rather than the Winspire/Mitch Stuart model, which uses hotels and resorts. A private residence will be more attractive to some bidders. Although Mitch Stuart (and maybe Winspire) can find properties like that when necessary, they tend to deal more with resorts/hotels. The other important difference is that neither of those consignors offer 50/50 split opportunities on a sale. For many smaller nonprofits, a 50/50 split is a much more attractive arrangement. It allows a nonprofit to more comfortably assume the risk of selling an international trip in their auction.”

Sherry Truhlar, CEO of Red Apple Auctions

“Some companies offer great products, but their prices are too high. There is no money left in the product for the charities to benefit. I love selling WOW Factor products because the charity can earn double or even triple on similar trips offered by others.”

OJ Pratt, CEO of Pacific Auctions

In short, unlike other players like Mitch Stuart and Winspire who offer mundane and cookie cutter destinations where the guest is put up in a run of the mill Marriott, WOW Factor offers a cultural experience, tailored travel ideas, and the ability to create real memories that justify the label: WOW.


Brendan has a lifetime of involvement in international sales at the highest level. He is a qualified auction technology specialist and benefit auction specialist who drives all business development and negotiates new products.

Prior to WOW Factor, he was the CEO of World Golf Hospitality, which custom created incentives and hospitality programs for Fortune 500 type clients, usually dealing one on one with CEOs. These hard to satisfy CEOs were a challenging client base, consistently demanding better and better products to incentivize their key sales people. This has served as the perfect grounding for The WOW Factor, which Brendan founded after he sold World Golf in 2006. After four years in retirement writing his book “Atlin’s Anguish,” Brendan identified charity fundraising as his desired field of activity, and The WOW Factor was born.

The consummate admin professional, Dawn handles all aspects of inventory control.

A tech wizard and coding genius, Alex oversees all aspects of our IT.

We supply a network of benefit auctioneers, partnered with charities and nonprofits across America, who have come together to offer premium destination packages that suit a variety of interests.
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Dawn Mills
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