Participate in the high yielding supported housing sector. Interest rate of 9% per annum.

This is an opportunity for those who would prefer to participate in a structured project, in return for a clear exit strategy rather than an open ended project. A loan of £250K is required for the duration of 24 months with 9% pa interest being offered, to finance the purchase and development of a single site in Kent. The current demand for Supported Housing is at an all time high, which is the perfect climate for Westway Holdings to grow their property development business. The Director has focused his efforts on identifying a pipeline of suitable property available for acquisition.



Westway Holdings is a national property developer with the primary objective of delivering suitable sites for the high yielding Supported Housing market.The sector is blighted by a shortage of suitable housing, therefore creating a simple supply/demand scenario, ideal for private sector investment.

  • The management team has a proven track record with more than 30 years of market expertise, with particular knowledge of the Supported Housing sector.The key benefit of this sector is the premium rental income available for approved providers. The core rental element is underpinned by allowances guaranteed by the UK Government, which means that the company will have a protected income stream.


    9% pa with interest payable every 6 months over two years


    There are five potential options when it comes to repayment of initial investor capital.
    • Refinance against company assets with more permanent options e.g. mortgage.
    • Raise finance through future bond issues.
    • Structured finance by way of a listed bond.
    • Capital reserves from income from portfolio.
    • Flotation of company.

Participate in the high yielding supported housing sector. Interest rate of 9% per annum.
See Campaign: http://www.angelsden.com/project-view/Westway-Holdings
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