You may not be making eight figures but that doesn’t mean your sports accomplishments aren’t important.  The recognition you deserve is finally here with SportsLife X!

We’re a sports social media network focused on the amateur – those who get out and compete for nothing more than the love of the game.  Through our already successful indoor sports facilities, we have 400,000 users ready and waiting.  We invite you to join us, get noticed, and make all your sporting dreams come true!


Who doesn’t love the feeling of sports glory?  It encompassed much of our thinking as youths, sometimes even transpiring onto the playing field.  Even now, as we battle through the work day, the feeling of hitting that game-winning home run sometimes works it’s way into our daydreams.

All too often; however, this glory remains hidden in the amateur world.  Unlike our professional dreams from yesteryear, amateur and recreational sports are played in local settings, without the benefit of huge crowds or televised media followings.  Even though those participating don’t reap the financial or fame-oriented benefits that the pros do, these competitions are still important parts of their lives – bringing them together with friends, getting them in shape, and giving them a small piece of sports glory.

For these folks and their fans (family and friends), an amateur sports social network makes great sense.  Couple this with the great digital advertising/sponsorship opportunities present in sports, and the notion is ideal.


Fear not, weekend warrior – we’ve arrived!  SportsLife X is a social media website dedicated solely to the accomplishments of the amateur athlete.  All of our athlete users will have a personalized page where they can publicize and share their sporting achievements – through photos, videos, timelines, personal statistics, and more – to other athletes as well as their family and friends.  We also bring the added value of a team management service, allowing users access to their schedules, standings, and past scores.  Unlike some other sites, however, we aren’t focused on turning you into a professional superstar.  Our focus is the love of the game – and giving every athlete the chance to shine in a community that shares their passions.

We aren’t just throwing together a pipe dream, either; in the past 17 years, our team has successfully built and operated five different indoor sportsplexes in the eastern US.  These facilities will serve as the starting point for user acquisition – where we’ll mandate registration from the 400,000+ individuals we serve.  In addition, our facility sponsors have been itching to reach these people through a social and digital media outlet.  For them, and for us, SportsLife X is a perfect match.


The SportsLife X website (with mobile app coming) has the look and feel of a standard social network, keeping things simple and familiar for users.  While this is undoubtedly a very valuable service for them, it’s the team management component that really lets us lock in the users.  All of our league/event participants are required to register on the site.  Team captains will send all practice invites, game schedules, rain delays, and other notifications through our site, meaning athletes must check back often to keep up.  This gives us a guaranteed user base, building up even more excitement around our awesome social features.  Speaking of the social features, check them out:

Auto-generated photos and videos – Let us do the work.  Our staff will be constantly snapping and recording, taking professionally-produced photos and videos of all game action.  When content featuring you or your team is posted, you’ll be notified for instant viewing and sharing.  This really makes us stand out from the other platforms.

Player profiles – Your own “amateur athlete mecca” featuring the following content: pictures, video highlights, timelines, personal statistics, blogs, team headlines, and more.

Team hub – It’s like a fantasy forum for your amateur team. Scores,Schedules, statistics, and standings will be auto-imported with facility software.

Communication – Chat and share with your team, the entire league, or with other athletes.  Do this through direct messages, public posts, or fan requests.

Calendar –  This shared personalized feature allows users to manage their daily activities. If you have kids, you can manage all of their activities in one spot as well.

Blogs – Get features and news articles on the sports-related topics that matter to you.

National news – Our sports ticker can be customized to feature national highlights from your favorite pro and college teams.

Online shopping – Get all your apparel and equipment through our ecommerce store.

Share and get fans – Easily share your content on other social accounts and through email to get your family and friends on board as fans.

Gamification – Users can get points for all the fans they accumulate, pictures they post, and videos they view.  They can earn even more points with great stats, using our fantasy football-like scoring system. They can redeem these points in our online sports apparel and equipment store.


Our rise to the big leagues has happened quickly!  After creating the SportsLife X business in June 2015, development of the site went into full swing and we quickly transitioned into an alpha launch in December.  With our facilities serving as the testing ground, we’ve acquired 50 testers in one league in one facility, and will soon move into over two thousand leagues in all five of our facilities. After this, we will launch the site into the additional three thousand existing youth sporting classes and programs at all of these facilities  Exciting things certainly lie ahead; here are some significant milestones we’ve reached already:

Key user acquisition partner secured.
Nothing screams potential like a developed user base.  EZ Facility – the largest indoor sports office management solutions company in the country – is on our side.  Amongst the many positives this brings is access to nearly 3,000 facilities, with a potential 20 million acquirable users.

Users are ready.
Within the five indoor sportsplexes we currently own, we’ve got instant access to approximately 400,000 potential – and interested – users.

Advertisers lined up.
Big companies are already interested in advertising on our platform.  The two most prominent ones are Nationwide Insurance and Michael & Son Heating and Plumbing, a mid-atlantic company with over $300 million in sales.  They’re both current sponsors in our sportsplexes.

Skin in the game.
Not only does our team have nearly two decades’ experience in a similar sports business, and eight figures of revenue generation under their belts, but they also have fundraising experience.

Our past and present are great – but for more on what lies ahead, please request access to our Business Plan!


The SportsLife X dream originates from another business idea spawned 17 years ago.  Fueled by a lifelong passion for sports, our founders successfully launched and opened an amateur indoor sports facility in Maryland.  Fast forward a decade and a half later, and our sports gurus have opened four more facilities – raising over $30 million in revenue in the process.  It was within one of these facilities where the duo saw the huge amount of parents taking pictures and videos of their kids playing sports.  After posting one of the videos to their Facebook page, and quickly seeing it reach 300 views, the lightbulb went off – there’s a clear need for a social network that shares amateur athletic experiences.

Now, SportsLife X has arrived.  Meet the gentlemen tasked with seeing it through:

John Burns, President & CEO

Our top boss has held the same position for our previous company, Sportsplex Management Group, for the past 14 years.  He’s the visionary behind SMG’s substantial revenue generation, having also developed youth development initiatives like Soccer Bugs, Multi-Sport Camp, and Hoopstars.  Aside from crafting SportsLife X’s vision, John’s other duties include marketing, strategic direction, financial management, and investor relations.

Greg Elliott, CFO & COO
John’s right hand man has been by his side for 14 years, overseeing SMG’s financial aspects.  He’s the company’s key figure in dealing with local government agencies to insure that protocol and legal requirements are met, and also supervises over 30 full time employees.  A former baseball player just like John, Greg’s passion for sports is a huge asset for SportsLife X.  As operational boss, he’ll oversee our national rollout while executing his CFO duties.

Dr. Lewis Eigen, CTO
Lewis brings us key corporate executive experience, having served as CEO and Chairman of publicly-traded corporations and private companies alike.  Industries of expertise include academics, government management, technology, and the nonprofit sector.  He’s also creator a number of successful and functional programs and apps.  His experience will be well-utilized with us, as he’ll oversee all software development activities.

We’re supported by a prestigious Board of Advisors, led by Don Shapero – Founder and President of the US Indoor Sports Association.  Other members include online marketing and social expert Professor Wendy Moe, and professional sports sales guru Ryan Durishin.

You may not be making eight figures but that doesn’t mean your sports accomplishments aren’t important. The recognition you deserve is finally here with SportsLife X!
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