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Welcome to the beginning of a sauce revolution – or should we say evolution! And we would love you to get on board to help show Aussies that they can have their sauce & eat it too!

The best thing is that our sauces won’t leave you feeling guilty, but instead feeling great knowing you are doing the right thing for you and your family. 

Most commercial sauces today are full of ingredients that are not only hard to pronounce – but are we sure that they are safe to eat at all. 

And thats a problem!

In 2013, my husband Paul, and I were fed up with seeing more artificial ingredients than real food in the sauces available, thats if there is any real food in them at all. 

We where also discouraged when ingredients like sugar or water etc were listed before tomatoes in a tomato sauce – Really? 

So, we decided to take matters into our own hands – literally! And we embarked on a journey to bring whole foods free of added sugar, gluten, preservatives and all those nasties that we find in so many products these days back into peoples lives. 

Together we spent hours, days, weeks and months in the kitchen, chopping, blending & boiling in order to develop a new range of sauces: this was the beginning of Oksana’s Kitchen. 

We spent all of 2014, nagging our family, friends and well anyone who was interested with samples of our latest creation for them to try and give us feedback on. 

We took all the support, concerns and suggestions on board and refined our recipe’s to bring us to where we are now. 

2015 was about placing our sauces into a couple of select retailers to see the market’s reaction, while also developing the business and branding. 

The response has been wonderful with a new brand created mid year and many faithful customers returning time and time again. 2015 was a year of great excitement with orders being shipped from Cairns to Melbourne and across to Perth and almost everywhere in-between. 

The end of 2015 saw us take on our first supermarket being Ritchies IGA. We saw our sauces in 3 Paleo Cafe’s and 4 Ritchies IGA stores and a continuation of online sales all over Australia. 

Now, we find ourselves with a desire to service more retailers and provide our range of sauces to as much of Australia as possible without having our valued customers order online and wait for the courier to arrive. With the support of as many people as we possible our goal is to build a network of 300 plus retailers in 2016 and the first half of 2017, and this is where you all come in. 

So whats in a name?

Oksana’s Kitchen was the name we chose for our brand in honour of my grandmother (Oksana) who had a passion for life but an even bigger passion for good quality food. 

As a Polish immigrant during WWII, Oksana embraced her new country and home through community involvement and helping others where she could. 

Oksana was a lady who even though she had suffered so much terror and pain through her time in concentration camps she saw the good in everyone she met, showing them how important they are to all around them. 

We have embraced Oksana’s love for everyone and put that into every batch of sauce we cook. Our thoughts are if Oksana wouldn’t give a batch of sauce to anyone we won’t either. We strive to provide the best possible sauce in each and every batch. 

The biggest challenge we face in gaining support for Oksana’s Kitchen becoming a known brand is education. We find the biggest struggle is the stigma that sauces are not good for you and are considered unhealthy. We find ourselves with a desire to service more retailers and provide our range of sauces to as much of Australia as possible without having our valued customers order online and wait for the courier to arrive.

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