Cara & Xiomara fundraising – 2016 Represent 10×10

Im a Catalyst for Theatre of the Oppressed NYC (TONYC), an organization I love. As part of our 2016 Represent 10×10 campaign, Im inspiring 10 friends to donate $10 towards our 2016 Legislative Theatre Festival – The Housing Circus.

Please join me, donate to my campaign today, and support: Representation Through Improvisation.

I love TONYC because it makes me feel hopeful about the future by creating uniqe opportunites to empower marginalized voices.

Through theatre, TONYC actors share stories about the real injustices they experience, and call upon New Yorkers, as everyday citizens, to step up (quite literally, onto a stage) and work in solidarity to rehearse ideas and generate practical solutions.

The Legislative Theatre Festival asks advocacy organizations, policy makers and elected officials to take the actors and audiences ideas further through a process of authentic people-driven democracy, to create concrete political change.

Im a Catalyst for TONYC’s 2016 Represent 10×10 campaign. From March 9-18, I’m inspiring 10 friends to give $10 to support creative change.

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Cara Herbitter

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