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A revolutionary fuel-saving and carbon-reducing initiative

Think Tank Logistics has created a combination Internet of Things platform and financial solution that will drastically reduce the 37.5 billion gallons of fuel consumed by, and the 5.4 percent of US greenhouse emissions produced by, the nation’s 3.4 million Class 8 trucks.

Think Tank combines the pinpoint accuracy of IoT sensors and data collection with a unique package of upgrades capable of improving fuel efficiency by 25% or more, and capable of being retrofitted onto nearly any truck on the road.

And the platform pays for itself. It’s the inevitable path forward for every Class 8 truck on the road.

Class 8 trucks are responsible for:

As part of a much larger overall effort to curb carbon emissions–perhaps the most daunting task our civilization has ever faced–the US government will require all new trucks to be capable of 40 percent better gas mileage than today’s requirements mandate.

But that only applies to new trucks.

What about the other 3.4 million trucks on the road today?

At least 7 technologies, can, when combined, improve their fuel efficiency by 25% or more, but the costs of these technology upgrades are simply too high for most truck owners.

You see, 97 percent of America’s trucking companies have fewer than 20 trucks, 90 percent have fewer than six!

How can these companies be expected to pay out of pocket to install the necessary upgrades? The trucking industry is a notoriously low-margin business.

Through our cutting-edge technological platform and innovative financing solution,Think Tank’s platform would save 11.25 billion gallons of fuel annually, and cut greenhouse gases by 1.7 percent, if every truck bought in

And they will, because the platform not only pays for itself – it actually puts money in the pockets of truck owners, too.

The patent-pending IoT platform and financial model can be applied to every truck on the road, saving fuel and carbon in five steps:

Our Retrofit Package isn’t a hard sell. It saves money, increases fuel efficiency, and cuts CO2 emissions.

It’s not rocket science.

The technological platform is only half of Think Tank’s game-changing new platform. To be truly effective, it has to be installed. And to be installed, it has to be cost-effective.

That’s why the package requires only a refundable deposit to cover baseline testing. After that, our innovative financing platform kicks in.

Here’s how it works:


Increase fuel efficiency by 25 percent or more

Reduce Class 8 truck freight emissions by 25 percent or more

Reduce total US Greenhouse Gas emissions by 1.7 percent

Reduce insurance risks and rates

In addition to immediate fuel and carbon savings, truck owners can identify, reward and keep their best drivers through our Eco-Driving platform, which automatically monitors driver behavior and analyzes risk factors through a unique algorithm, reporting that information back to the owner.

So add reduced insurance rates and better drivers to the savings pile, too.

Green Freight Index

To incentivize eco-conscious shipping, Think Tank will make available a Green Freight Index of all retrofitted trucks, allowing carbon-conscious shippers to award contracts based on carbon and fuel output.

So add more business to the benefits pile too!

The trucking industry is about to get a massive upgrade.

Our team has previously developed multiple sophisticated geospatial platforms for both public infrastructure management and for environmental monitoring. We’ve identified the initial sensors to be used, and our programming team is ready to build the platform we’ve designed.

We’ve also prepared for the possibility of building on top of an existing telematics platform (talks are underway with several such platforms).

The ball is rolling.

Ready to hear what’s next for Think Tank? Click the “business plan” tab at the top of this page to find out what’s in store for the trucking revolution!

Clark has been a leader in software and online businesses since 1989, founding or co-founding several companies in the geospatial, health, and educational areas. He has demonstrated in each of these multiple business sectors a natural ability to clearly identify and articulate needed emerging business process unique to that sector, and then to successfully mirror the needed business process in the resultant software designs. Two of his companies became very successful and were bought out. For the last seven years Clark has worked with cloud based geospatial software in several innovative ways – automating infrastructure management for cities, automating and monitoring real time environmental threats, and merging business intelligence data with infrastructure data.

Heather is a strategy and global business operations leader with experience in law, finance, data analytics, technology, and workforce management.
Heather is currently serving as a Director at Target Corporation within the Financial and Retail Services Division. During her nine years at Target, Heather has influenced transportation logistics, international product sourcing, and supply chain management. Heather also created and deployed geospatial and analytics tools that improved profitability through data driven decision making. Finally, Heather was instrumental in building Target’s Energy Tax Incentive Program including developing public-private partnerships and leveraging energy tax incentives to make sustainability initiatives financially viable.

Strategic Advisors

Jean Hoffman is a highly capable and results oriented sales professional with 30 years of extensive experience at PepsiCo in high level sales, contract negotiations, financial management, product distribution and bottling operations. A strong leader with the ability to build, train, mentor and motivate successful sales teams, Jean is especially passionate about female retention and team diversity. She is a current Board Member for the Hospitality Minnesota Education Foundation and a member of the Minnesota Restaurant Association.

Walker Evans currently serves as National Account Manager at Landstar. Landstar System, Inc. is a worldwide asset-light provider of integrated transportation management solutions delivering safe, specialized transportation services to a broad range of customers utilizing a network of agents, third-party capacity owners and employees. Prior to joining Landstar, Walker spent 10 years as a banking and finance executive.

Kiera Fernandez currently serves as Director of Human Resources at Target Corporation and has 15 years of experience in sales and human resources management. She has successfully led large-scale organization design initiatives and supported team development across multiple geographic locations. She also has extensive expertise in talent assessment, compensation, strategic workforce initiatives, and employee and labor relations.

Aaron Langevin currently serves as Associate Director of Enterprise Sourcing and Procurement at UnitedHealth Group. Aaron has extensive experience in negotiations, contract management, and service agreements. Prior to joining UnitedHealth Group, Aaron was an executive at Hyrian and Aerotek.

Think Tank combines the pinpoint accuracy of IoT sensors and data collection with a unique package of upgrades capable of improving fuel efficiency by 25% or more, and capable of being retrofitted onto nearly any truck on the road
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